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We have 4 Targets in the area, not any agree or comply to Target coupon policy. Each manager, or monkey in charge, has given my wife and I "Their own oppion" on the coupons we are using.

My wife is an Accountant, and was Head Bookeeper for Albertsons, not to mention the Corprate Taxes, Payrole, and audits that she has been involved in. Numbers, Store Policy and Deals for Today are how she is able to stay at home for our kids, but still contribute to family finance. We have been told such things as "You can not use a manufacture coupon and a target coupon for the same item. The store recieves the money from the man.

and target corp. from the coupons. Any manager that knows his job will confirm this. Coupons are Money.

If Tyson puts out a coupon on Chicken Strips $1.00 off, and Target has one for $2.00 off, the total off is $3.00. The store gets $1.00 plus handle charge from Tyson, and $2.00 Plus handle charge from Target Corprate, totaling $3.00+ handle charge for coupons. Checkers and Managers need to leave the book keeping to the BOOK KEEPERS. Just because we get a Tyson product for almost free, because we have taken the time to research our options, they take upon themselves to "revise" Targets policy on coupons.

I am going to start recording how we are treated with video and voice recorders. I will then put them on every Internet media available. This is a tip for all Target employees, know what you are talking about, what Target policy is, and how *** your BOSS is. It is the policy of Target to sell items, regardless of the dollar amount that the customer has to pay.

Watch, Learn and get the same deals as those who are smart enough to get the most for their families.

More to come.

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Most coupons state that they cannot be combined with any other offer....hmmm what polis=cy did they violate???? I understand you wanting to get a great deal but at the same time...BE REASONABLE...I will bet you have complained about every kind of store there is.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43204

Eats lice off head and scratched butt. Okay we get the message.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43203

Well tell your wife, or the monkey that you married this message. THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU AND YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW POLICIES JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE Hands you a banana.


I'm sorry but what do you do for a living? The pathetic life you lead, cutting coupons, and wasting more time than its actually worth to argue with us monkeys.

Haha! I enjoy *** off people like you on a daily basis, just because I can.

If you don't like it, don't shop there. Simple enough!

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