I went Target and found myself talking with one of the rudest sales associate. When was done being insulted by the sales associate I moved to the manager.

I was informed that Target and Target online are not the same company and I was pretty much told to go F#@$ myself when said the prices would not be matched. I use to do a lot of my shopping at Target but after that I now find myself in Walmart. Guess when the economy is doing better customer service is no longer a priority.

If a company is going to have a different price online and a different price in the store and wont match it, then in due time you will *** off enough customers and find bankruptcy in your future. I now have one word that will describe Target (GARBAGE).

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Agrees with Tasha.


I am very disappointed at Target online; I will never shop there again. Target kept me in the dark about an online order for over a month and then canceled my order.

They wanted me to buy the high chair for $116 instead of the original price of $99. If I would have known this, I could have made my purchase in March somewhere else.

Bages, Languedoc-Roussillon, France #446261

Target is the strongest company out there and they wont be going away or be a store chain of the "past" for years and years and years and did I say years???

Both Target, Walmart and other stores having online items NOT carried in their stores. Get over yourself already.

Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India #446231


As poorly as they dressed from your standards at least they did not get fired for "borrowing" a pen.

Bletchley, England, United Kingdom #446228

Does the same. They too have different online prices.

Saint Paul, Nebraska, United States #446224

Telling you that they will not match the prices is not being rude. If you cannot afford to pay their instore price why not shop online. It would save everyone else from having do deal with you.

Fischamend Dorf, Niederosterreich, Austria #446217

I am one of those folks who actually likes the fact that Target's on-line company is different then the local store. I shop on line a lot and appreciate not having to pay Florida sales tax on my purchases.

However, back to your issue.

I would expect that the conversation did not go quite as you have described it. Even after you got pissy with the local store employees. That is just the way it is. Go to Walmart.

Be one of the "People of Walmart". We will get to see your picture on that website.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #427662

Were they really rude or are you one of thse little kids posting who think being rude is not giving in to your temper tantrum?

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #427660

Were they really rude or are you one of thse little kids posting who think being rude is not giving in to your temper tantrum?


Target.com is run by Amazon.com; Target retail stores then would have different prices


Brick and mortar stores do not match their online prices. That goes for Wal-Mart, Sears, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, and on and on, so it's best you boycott shopping altogether if you're going to cry about that one.


I stopped going to Target a few years ago when I encountered what appeared to be a "poof" dressed in old, ragged clothes, wearing two gigantic ear rings. I burst out laughing and my wife had to drag me out of the store. Any store manager who hired that clown does not need or want my business.


Target is a lefty organization. As for store items and online items being "different stores " I've run into that at other stores.

Gander Mountain for one.

Some things at Wal Mart I've found the same way but you can have online items delivered to the store. Cabelas will honor online sale prices in the store if you request


All of this over how many cents? Most retailers, including Walmart, will not compare or match with the same online version.

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