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Purchased a portable DVD player from Target and a 3 year extended warranty for $19. Six months later the DVD sound stopped working so I called teh warranty service.

They sent me a box to send out to there repair center. After 3 weeks I finally called to see what happen and the service department said it was sent back and was not repaired. They said they sent it back without repair because it had physical damage. There is not a scratch on it, so I don;t know what they consider physical damage.

However, because they put a disclaimer on the warranty taht if the unit has physical damage it will not be repaired, they get a loophole out of having to fix any item they warranty.

The rep from Target said she didn;t even see any notes, just that it was sent back. So this company is ripping people off with this scam and need to be stopped.

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DO NOT BUY A TV FROM TARGET !!!!!!!!!On 7/2016 I purchased a 65" Vizio T.V ($999.95) and I also purchased the Target service plan ($85.00) Deptford NJ store. On 2/6/18 after only 18 months the picture went black.

Called Asurion (Service plan) to try and get the tv repaired. As of this posting it's been 6 weeks now that they have tried to repair the t.v. twice and it still does not work. I took off from work both times and when the t.v.

was supposedly repaired, but when the t.v was delivered the picture went black in 3 minutes. The service plan is worthless!! Target does not stand behind the service plan that has their emblem (TARGET) all over the pamphlet. The contract states if it is repaired twice and still not working, they will refund your money.

The Asurion folks tell me that is up to their discretion what the term twice means.

I am dead serious, you can't make this stuff up. I was a loyal, lifelong Target customer and they treated me (or ignored) me like they don't really care.DO NOT BUY A TV FROM TARGET !!!!!!!!!DO NOT BUY A TV FROM TARGET


They are full of *** never buy from target again. My tv worked good then it stop lines all over it they said its physical damage and they won't fix it! B.s


Well, I just bought a pair of skullcandy headphones, and about 2 months later the right speaker had stopped working, so I just called target, asked them if I could get a new pair, the woman working costumer service told me that she could, even if I didn't have the original packaging, and everything went by perfectly. I really don't understand why everyone is having such terrible problems with theor warranties...

Victorville, California, United States #835373

I bought a pair of Skull Candy gaming headphones for my sons PS3. Paid for the replacement program.

2 months later the right side headphone broke. Target is telling me that its user error and they wont replace them.

Why do they put that they will cover mechanical or electronical problems and normal wear and tear on the warranty then basically tell you your out of luck we don't cover that. That's BS.


I bought an extended 3 year warranty on my son's 40" flat screen October 19, 2012. The co-axle came loose from the back and the speakers stopped working.

I called to see if the tv could be replaced with our warranty and was told someone would have to come out and look at the tv to see if it could be repaired. A repairman came out on Monday and checked out the tv. He told my son that there was no way he could fix the co-axle without taking off the back of the tv which would more than likely mess something else up. He told my son he would contact him which has been 6 days now.

I just called the warranty place again and they said there was nothing notated on the file about what the repairman had told my son. She said it would be at least 3 business days before they will call back.

So I paid $45.00 for a 3 year warranty that is basically no good. I do plan to call the insurance company that the warranties are through to let them know how Target is representing their insurance company by not honoring the warranties.

to Dawn #737319

Classic Target!

You would be wise to learn the lesson here to never buy electronics at Target.

They do not stand behind ANYTHING they sell.

Good luck trying to get your problem resolved, but don't believe for one minute that Target will help you.

THEY WON'T!!!!!!


I too have been taken by Target's warranty. I purchased a leappad with the specific information from two different store employees that it covered all repairs.

Now I find out that warranty does not cover screen breakage. I purchased the leappad there b/c of the warranty. Never again.

I want to tell everyone I know about it so they are not taken. Thought Target was a step above Walmart, but walmart warranties cover screen breakage.

Milford, Michigan, United States #633361

I used my replacement plan for an iPod touch. Sent it in and received a gift card for the full value in less than a week.

$19 well spent. I don't know how all these people had such a bad experience. I highly recommend the warranty for electronics at target.

It's cheep insurance and works well. Especially if you think you might break an iPod glass screen


I bought beats solo and I want to return them because I am not very happy with them anymore and I was wondering if I had a two year warranty if I could get my money back for the full price I payed for them.


People, people, people...

There are four different Extended Warranties through target. Two of them DO cover accidental damage on handling, and two of them do NOT.

The 2-Year Replacement Plan($4/$7/$17)? No.

The 3-Year Service Plan($29/$45/$79/$99)? No.

The 2-Year Laptop/Tablet Plan? Yes. In fact, it is far more effective for protecting iPads than even AppleCare.

The 2-Year Video Game Plan? Yes. And this does encompass the Red Ring of Death for XBOX 360s as well.

Know what you are buying, and know how to use it and when to use it.


Target should be ashamed of deceiving their guests on the plans which "mask" the mfr warranty period. I'll bet that many at the executive level don't understand what's going on - that they've fallen into the abyss by even offering these blatant ripoffs. Thought they were above the frey in treating their guests with respect.


I work for Target in the electronics department. Yeah their warranties suck but its YOUR responsibility to read the brochure we give you.

And you bring your product to the store 8 months later and expect to get it fixed in store?? It isnt Best Buy, were not some lame geek squad.

to Aaron Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States #1293979


It is your responsibility as a representative of electronics and customer care worker that knows the ins and outs of these warranties to explain this to your customer and advise them of any loopholes before selling them a warranty. Also you should be offering them with every sale you make.

It is your job to make sure your customer has the right warranty just as much as it is your job to make sure they buy the right product to fit their life style when they are not sure what to get. Learn to ask questions of your customers, and to explain things.


Purchased the Bose Triport headphones back in 08 with an extended 3 year service plan for $19 more. One of the speakers on the headphones are shorting so I shipped it off to Lifetime Service which they returned back to me & the headphones still aren't fixed.

So I took them back into Target yesterday to find out that it's completely out of their hands. So pissed.

Consumer Protection Atty

The law firm phone number is 888-350-3931.


I just bought a HP SimpleSave today at Target and got a Replacement Plan. Just found out that I got a ZERO YEAR plan from Target.

I only paid $7 for it but I just sent them an e-mail saying that I want a refund. I mean that's $7 I could put towards lunch one day or a little cash so I can do something with my friends.

I also said that I plan on boycotting them and telling others to boycott them.

So tell your families and friends to stay away from BS Target or be prepared to be ripped off.


I purchased an ASUS netbook on sale for $249 which was normally $349. I also purchased a 2 year warranty.

I also thought the warranty was a "replacement" warranty. On my first 2 calls I had the service pack number but they said they couldn't find it. On my third call I had found the receipt, and they didn't really need anything else. The laptop was making a high pitched squeal and shut down seconds after booting.

They told me I could dispose of it any way I preferred, and sent me a Target gift card for $249.99 which is what I paid for the Netbook. If I had known that was the policy, I would still have purchased the warranty.

All-in-all, I am satisfied with the results. I will continue to buy warranties from Target, knowing that they are only effective after the manufacturer's initial warranty, as quality of many electronic devices is suspect.


After returning products to places such as Home Depot and Lowes without ANY hassle, Target was quite an eye opener. First, a year ago my wife and I tried to return two products from our baby registry that were still in their originial packaging.

We were only allowed to return one replete with the threat that we could not return anything else for a year (they claimed they couldn't find our baby registry). Secondly, we just tried to return a Kodak digital camera (blurry pics) that we bought eight months ago with the two year replacement warranty card. They refused to return the defective product and referred us to the warrant card people. There I was referred to Kodak (apparently it's not really a two yr replac.

warr. as they don't honor it while manufacturer's warr. still exists for the first year???) The man at Kodak was not helpful, could not speak English, and asked us to ship the product to them with us paying the costs. This is a scam!

It's not worth the $120 (incl. card) costs!

Atleast I know to AVOID TARGET and KODAK and recommend others to avoid crappy companies. The people at Target and answering phones at Kodak are not employable elsewhere!

to David E. #830216

Most team members will tell you this takes effect after the Manufacturer's Warranty has expired. Second, you are pissed at a store because the Manufacturer failed to fix your camera?

It's your fault for not reading the warranty.

If you run a red light because someone told you it meant "go" I guarantee you a cop is still going to ticket you because it's your responsibility as an adult to understand the rules of driving. Just as it is your responsibility as an adult to take responsibility to read before agreeing to something.

to Anonymous #861090

Actually the plan takes effect the day you buy it NOT after the manufacturer's warranty has expired so all those team members you are referring to would be lying to the customer.

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