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I bought a PS3 and 2nd time i sent it in it was lost after it was checked in at the ups store back in 10/04/2010 the ups store has record but put on a 7 day investigation (took 2 months) and said it was the Warranty logistics problem and vice versa. target got in there too and was having the same prob and all of them were horrible in finding my PS3 with (MW2 prestige edition stuck in it too)so I paid $599 for the system, $150 for the game, and the $100 3 year warranty.

target finally caved and said they are only responsible for the system and gave me the 160 gig little slim PS3.

No game, (but some generic controller pack that's junk in there that they never told me about)no new warranty either told me to buy 1 on the ps store, and 2 months of me wasting my time, frustration, and my kids disappointment of not being able to play their new birthday games or anything. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr never gonna shop there again

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:( steer clear! warranty logistic uses used sratched broken parts on your under warranty items.

My laptop is 3 month old and was flawless but it looks old and decrepid now who buys an extended warranty and expects it to be fixed with shody used inferior scratched up parts. If you bought their warranty hurry up and run back and get your money back!


Warranty Logistics? DO NO purchase a warranty from this company.

I Purchased a computer from Sam's Club and purchased an extended warranty for the desk top, 14 months into the computer had problems with it shutting down called the warranty place they sent me a box to ship it to them except the box was for a laptop, had to call back and get new box. Computer finally shipped out 3 weeks after initial contact with Warranty Logisitcs, they had computer for approx. 2 weeks and shipped it back to me telling me they didn't find a problem, needless to say the problem was still there. Called Warranty Logostics to send back telling me I should have the computer back within 10 day's, well it is now 22 day's and they don't have any answers for me, INCREDIBLE.

They also lead you to believe that they are so caring of your problem telling you they will call you back with an update yet 6 times I have called with NO return call of an update.

It may cost a little more but purchase the warranty from the manufacturer if you even purchase a warranty, BUT JUST MAKE SURE IT IS NOT A WARRANTY THRU "WARRANTY LOGISTICS". Next call will be to Better Business Bureau.


Totally agree, warranty logistics SUCKS at fulfilling "promises" of repairing anything in a timely manner. Laptop has been there 4 weeks and each time I call they say it should be another 3-5 days, the thing I forget to ask is 3-5 days from when next week or next month.


Purchased an extended warranty for a Vizio tv, with Warranty Logistics INC. Biggest piece of *** i ever bought, not the TV, the warranty.

They required the TV be sent to their agency to fix, took 5 weeks, needed a new mother board. Returned it the end of week 5, plugged it in, they forgot to hook up the power switch to the new mother board. Now getting them to call us back as they promised a tech would in 24-48 hours, turns out to mean 7 DAYS..........their working hours. so we will be without a tv for 7 weeks before we can even discuss the fact they fouled up with anyone.

Asked to speak with a supervisor, NONE AVAILABLE, their sense of customer service stinks, I would never buy an other extended warranty that they offered or another company offered with their electronics. Total screw up


I purchased a laptop thru HSN & purchased the extended warranty. When my laptop needed repair, I had no problem with them.

When I received my laptop, I noticed my Recovery CD was broken & they took my LONG AC Cord & replaced it with a short one.

I have called them 6 times with no results.


Never call back. I will contact HSN.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #297157

warranty logistics sucks indeed. they had me ship my laptop to them 2 times, returned it with a note that it could not be repaired due to excessive physical damage, when i asked what and how it got damaged they were very rude and said " wait till you see the pictures of the damage - we will email them to you.

in the meantime my laptop came back for the 2nd time unrepaired and i cannot see any damage to it so when the pictures came in the email, i looked at them and saw the hp logo, my laptop is an acer.

they refuse to repair my laptop eventhough they screwed up big time and i am so mad at them. i am going to the store i purchased the laptop and the warranty at to discuss with them because this is not right


I wish I had googled this before I shipped my laptop off. I signed up for a protection plan with Verizon that covers laptop repairs.

When I decided to use it the company used UPS to send me a box to ship my laptop in for repairs. UPS likes to attempt delivery of packages during the day when I'm at work and I eventually had to drive from Jamaica Queens to East NY Brooklyn @ 10PM to pick up the box to ship off my laptop. When I shipped the laptop I completed the form describing the problem and specifically instructed them to ship it back to my work address since I wouldn't be home during the day. I called to follow up with Warranty Logistics, Inc.

on the repairs and return instructions and was told that they have to return it to my addrsss on the account. Warranty Logistics, Inc. seems to be a bootleg operation that has no business logic or customer relation skills.

I haven't even gotten my laptop back yet and I'm afraid to find out what I've gotten myself into. Stay tuned, more to follow.


I have been dealing with the company since March. I will never recommend this company to anyone.

In fact I tell people not to purchase big items from Walmart or Target. I purchased a WII. I sent in a total of 3 times. It was returned in worse condition.

I then called and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was told someone would call me in 24 hours. I said what type of company does not have a supervisor or manager available to speak to customers. Any way I did not recieve a call back.

I called them again and this time after being rude I received a call in 12 hours. I then spoke to a manager named Les Roske. He told me to send everything one more time and they would make a decision to send a gift card, new system or a check. I sent it all back and it still was returned again unrepaired.

I called Mr. Roske again and he said that I should know something in 24 hours about when I would be receiving a new system. Needless to say Mr.

Roske won't return any of my messages, nor have i received a new system and neither has my sytem been repaired. I am so pissed......


As a follow up to my previous comment, once I did some investigating and found the right person to contact, my issue was handled professionally. It appears that it was a 2nd level support issue. I just wanted to make sure I updated my remarks to reflect this.


I had a similar experience with Warranty Logistics. They returned my laptop in WORSE condition than I sent it.

One hinge had broken from opening and closing (I work on my laptop and spend about 10-12 hours a day on it). They seemed to be willing to fix it on the phone call. When it was returned, the LCD screen was out, both hinges were taken apart, and the whole thing was in pieces. I got no return phone call after several attempts.

I kept getting nice phone reps who would say "24 BUSINESS hours," so I waited. The explanation on the letter was "excessive physical damage." My question is this.

If there was excessive physical damage, why would they even take it apart to try to fix it? They had to have thought it might be fixable when they received it or they wouldn't have disassembled it.


I bought mine @ Walmart on my PS3.. after letting them know what was wrong over the phone, I sent it in.

I received it back, and it was not working out of the box. So I called them again. This time I asked to speak with a supervisor; I was told I could not, but one would return my call in 2 business days. A week later, still no call or shipping label.

So I called again.

This time I was told I could ship it in again, and that it would take at least 4 times of this company attempting to repair the console for them to replace it. I would never recommend this company, and in fact would have to recommend staying away.

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