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Update by user Mar 04, 2017

Employees and HR was rude and unprofessional

Original review posted by user Mar 03, 2017

Target also screws over ex roommate and I worked for Target 2070 Sam Rittenberg blvd in Charleston SC..while there we moved went in to HR talked with Mary and she did an address change..a few months later after having our hours cut down to 2 four hour days we found new Target is demanding $20 a piece for our w2's claiming they were sent to our old either Mary lied then or Target is lying now..either way we wont be extorted by Target for their screw up..Mary needs to be fired and our w2's need to be sent out..we have filed official complaints with the IRS..

I liked: Leaving.

I didn't like: Supervisors.

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1346380

It's well after the fact now, but employees and ex-employees can use their portal to review/print W2s. Just so everyone knows.

Fullerton, California, United States #1298993

After reading your review with such poor spelling and grammar, I wonder if Mary really did lie, or if like your written English, your understanding speech is just as poor. Either way, I am surprised that you are even old enough to work, most people over the age of seven do not consider not getting the answer they want as "rude". Though I am sure that Mary did not lie, and it is a case of you not understanding simple English.

to MakeMyDay2016 #1299008

First of all I shortened some words to get my post done far as grammar goes, didn't much care about grammar just getting my point I hope, you someday, are faced with this same problem..I'm sorry, but telling me my address change was done..then sending my and my roommates w2's to our old address is LYING! ***! Do you understand that ENGLISH??

to marymac29485 Fullerton, California, United States #1299036

I am not the on that does not understand English, apparently it is you that does not understand English. If you knew English as well as you claim than you would know that I never misunderstood you when you said that she was lying.

I am simply saying that perhaps you misunderstood what you were told because when it comes to the English language you are obviously mentally retarded. You type poorly, so perhaps the reason that she lied was because she wrote the wrong address for your address change.

Also your terrible spelling is not just shortening words, it is misspelling simple words that even a second grader should know how to spell. Judging from your review and your childish reply, it is obvious that you are the rude one.

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