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The majority of Target's contracted floor cleaning operations from St. Petersburg, Florida to Corpus Christi, Texas are run by an organized crime syndicate.

From Corpus Christi going south toward California is controlled by a different crime group. Many of the floor cleaning people are illegally in this country. This is true of Eastern European workers and Latin-American workers who are on the floor crews. The floor cleaning person explained that he paid $10,000 to come to the United States and work for this country that contracts to Target, as did his roommate and his other co-workers.

Additionally, many illegal immigrants work for Target by hiring on with legal paperwork when they are here going to college on student visas, visas because of marriage, or in rarer cases, medical visas.

Target HR doesn't do a check year after year, just at hiring, so many workers if checked would not be legal as this status has expired. This is very problematic in the southern states and it's a little secret Target HR doesn't want to talk about.

The ICE eVerify would open up a can of worms for Target. I have turned over all my info to a labor advocacy group.

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