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(from a Target employee) - As a Target employee I get a lousy 5% discount. I decided to buy a very low cost printer which had all the basics.

When I got it home and opened it, I notices some scratches on the plastic top where the paper goes. I ran test prints and noticed the pages had blobs of oil in the middle. Long story short, I find out that Target was selling refurbished printers as if they were brand new. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

I also purchased low cost shoes and they broke down in less than 3 weeks.

I learned as an employee that Target sells cheap because its cheap products. Needless to say, my mom purchased 2 Magic Chef coffee makers (at two different time spans) and both broke down within the same week...again cheap product.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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5% discount? now that's a lie!!


If we don't shop at Target you would be on the streets selling drugs, and if you are not ugly your body as well because there would be no business so they would go broke and not be able to pay you.

as a team member, you get a 10% discount, and an extra 5% if you have the target debit/credit card. :) the printer should have had a repackage sticker on it.

just return it, it's not a huge deal seeing as you work there.

and honestly - you get what you pay for. that goes for any stores merchandise.

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