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On Black Friday we arrived at target at 5 p.m. to wait in line for one of the doorbuster tvs they had on special. While in the store we inquired about the promotion wherein you add a new line or upgrade existing line and receive A $250 Target gift card. It was then that we were told we needed to take a number and numbers would be called in sequence starting at 9 p.m. . My husband and I waited until 9 when they started calling numbers. Our number was called at 11:30 p.m. we've been opened a new line, paid for our phone for our new line, received our new lines phone number, and had our new phone in a bag and ready to go. We were then told that the line needed to be activated. In the activation process, we were told that an error code was being sent back to them and they were unable to activate the line. He then proceeded to tell us that because the phone couldn't be activated in store (targets error not ours) that we were ineligible for the $250 gift card. We asked if we could activate the phone over the phone with sprint. We were told that we could, but that we would not receive the $250 gift card

The next morning my husband and I went to sprint trying to figure out why the line could not be activated at Target the night before and why we missed out on the promotional $250 gift card. It was then that Sprint informed us that indeed a line was opened and activated the night before at Target stores. He then confirmed this by having us check our email on file for the contract stating but the line was activated. Sure enough, at 11:03 pm while standing in Target stores, a line through sprint had been activated. We were asked to take that email to the Target store and request that we be honored our promotional gift card.

I'm not sure  what target teaches  their employees  but certainly  it is that money  is worth more  then their customers time  and patience. After spending  nearly another  half hour  on top  of the 8 hours  we have spent there the day before v manager anager at Target told us "i understand what your telling me however, target didnt make money off of you opening your line here, sprint did. We cannot honor your promotional gift card"......

Bottom line - the new line had been purchased and activated in target during the time the promotional gift cards we're being offered. It is not our fault that their computers we're reading off an error message. We are entitled to the promotional gift card.

Fast forward to last night.... My husband and I we're looking online for a specific game that our son wanted for Christmas. Target showed that they were offering the lowest price on this game. We went on to order the game, only to find out that it was a IN STORE ONLY NO SHIPPING item- it did state that the item was indeed in stock in our local Target. The price was $20. Against our better judgment in our prior experience, we chose to drive 25 minutes to target to purchase this game because of the amount of savings and the price that they were offering. When we went to check out the cashier kindly informed us that they were not honoring online prices in store on Cyber Monday. Makes sense right? Of course it does! But how is one to purchase A "IN STORE ITEM ONLY"?? At the store, right?? We have to speak with a manager, once again, regarding our purchase. The manager rudely informed us that we could not purchase this in store only item at their price online due to it being cyber monday. We then told the manager that we would be contacting customer service. His exact words were "good luck with that"!

We left target and went across the street to Walmart. Walmart was happy to do a price match IN STORE for the item you had LISTED ONLINE as a IN STORE ONLY ITEM....


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Sorry, but I'm not surprised at any extent, that Target will go to, pretending to care about their customers. Obviously, they like to trash Walmart, but Target has no room to talk.

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