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"Don't Order Anything From Target!!!!"

I placed an order for over $200 online and didn't have to pay for shipping because of the value of my order.

When the order arrived one of the items wasn't in the box that the packing slip said should be in the box. The other products were poorly packed which caused some minor dents and scratches.

When I called the Target customer service department and informed them that I didn't receive the item and asked for them to ship it to me I was told they could refund what I paid for the item and that they would transfer me to someone who could reorder it for me and wave the shipping cost (because I shouldn't have to pay it). I was then transferred to Rashad (Targets SLT 2 Supervisor in their customer service department at their corporate office in Minnesota) who is, per Rashad, the highest level person on staff. With a poor attitude, Rashad told me I would have to reorder the item online and that he will NOT wave the shipping cost.

I said "so, let me get this straight, I ordered and paid for an item that Target mistakenly didn't ship me and you want me to place a second order and pay for freight I shouldn't be charged for that you are unwilling to refund me even though it is your companies fault I have to reorder it.". Rashad said yes.

I then asked to speak with his manager and he said boldly "I report to the clock". I repeated myself and Rashad said he is the only person I can speak with. I searched for another number to call to complain about the situation and ask for help and didn't find a number I could call. If they have one it's not in a place that is easily accessible.

If you are looking for an overall good experience buying things online, I recommend you DON'T shop at I'm convinced that Target will not address customer issues or take responsibility for their mistakes. Their customer service is the worst I've ever received in my life. I will NEVER shop at or in their stores for the rest of my life as a result of their poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Get the district managers phone number

I so agree with you. Target is the worst place to shop if you expect to get what you ordered and follow up care after your purchase.

They are not going do anything but embarass and humiliate you for being a customer with a problem if you go looking for help after your purchase. :roll
Target should not be in the retail business. They have no problems selling merchandise, but expect that to be the end of their responsibilities. NEVER shop there.

They are HORRIBLE to their "guests"!! :( :(

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