tried to buy a ipod touch for my grand daughter for Xmas has ipod for $189 and offer a 10% coupon online. The coupon was mailed to some customers, however, the rest of us have to print it coupon online.

I don't have a home computer or printer. I even went to library to print coupon would not allow me.

Called Target corporate office to see if they can mail a loyal customer like me a coupon which is good until 11/26/11 I was told no. Not all of us can afford home computer with printers what do we poor people do Target?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

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Poor people need to get more money. People with more money tend to spend more at Target, unlike poor people who just sit around complaining about being poor.

Either spend more money at Target like richer people do, or give Target a donation so that they collect the same from you as from others, they just won't give you any merchandise because you haven't earned it. Shame on you poor people.


You wouldn't be so poor if you didn't buy things for your grandkids that aren't necessary.


Let me get this straight, you can't figure out a way out to print a 10% coupon but you found a computer and a way to bash Target online? Really?

Sounds to me you want everyone else to do the work for you.

***, buy a news paper, most of the time the coupons are in there or pay a Kinko's .10 for a printed one. Good lord lady, use your head for more than a way to bang knots out of your coffee table...


Unfair to poor customers,really! Didn't Obama say that he was going to make sure all poor people had access to computers?

Another lie. Do you think Target has a list of people who are poor so that they can exclude them? Where do you normally shop! I shop at target and buy from them because I want to.

If you don't want to pay their price go somewhere else. It is that easy!


Just who is Tasha and anonymous?

Why are they on here?

Are they the same person?

Is one a child and one an adult?

Whats up between them?

Where did they come from?

Do they even know each other?

How do we know whos who?

Are they mad at each other?

If not, what are they, stubborn?

Which one is which?

What's the deal about the argument?

How do we know ones a child and ones an adult?

Is this about race and is one prejudice?

Could someone let me know?


Personally, I think anonymous has some good points. Why isn't Tasha in school anyway?

Tasha never said if she was a "attack dog". Is she?


Two people are dominating this place, Tasha and anonymous.

Get to the point and get off, s pid yuts.

You are all f kn crazy!!!!!!! :x :x :eek :eek
Get a job!!!!!!!!

The OP is right. Target is unfair to poor people. Why can't they mail a 10% coupon?


Tasha and anonymous are the same person. They screwed up once.


You two sure are at it. Why does tasha and anonynous have such a arguing point of view?

One is mature and one is not. How can a 14 kid know about being mature? She just argues because she dont know any better and argues with her parents like this. She probably never shopped at Target anyway.

Wow, everything is not about you Tanya. Get over yourself.


A lots been said about anon. I think he is right.


Target is the worst store in the business to deal with. They are greedy and don't mind taking your money, but if you have a problem, they will keep your money and you are stuck with the bad product.

I hope everybody stops doing business with Target and they go out of business. They are terrible and their employees are nasty.


I think anonuymous is right because Tasha doesn't say anything to help herself. She just calls everyone immature and five years old.

Why does she keep going on about how immature people are and claim that she is a kid when kids are immature anyway? Somethings wierd about the replys she keeps trowing out don't add up.


I agree with anonymous because you keep saying that tasha and anonymous are the same person. How can you say that when Tasha calls anonymous ignorant? I don't think they are the same person at all.


Obviously, the original poster herein has gotten the message.

Grandmother has not posted since November 13.

She is intelligent enough to heed the warnings presented on this site and not engage in banter with the attack dogs. She realizes that "poor little 14 year old Tasha" and her posse aren't bored children looking for entertainment on the internet. They obviously are engaged in a concerted effort to spew hate mail to people just trying to make a point about bad experiences shopping at Target.

People are catching on to their games!!

Like I said before, rock on Gramma. Way to go!


I want to clear up a few things for you:

(1) I am not now nor have I ever claimed to be loyal to Target, not 30 years, not 30 minutes.

(2) My mission is to make everyone I possibly can to stay from Target and to relate my experience, and the experiences I garner from this site and others to warn people about Target's ripoff tactics.

(3) My express efforts are to make others aware of the attack dogs of pissedconsumer.com. As long as people can post under a variety of different names, they can say anything that seems to be from a different person when the authors are only two or three different people.

(4) I am thoroughly convinced that Tasha or any of the dogs of pissedconsumer.com are teenagers with idle time.

(5) Calls to ignore her, him, or them are only being made by people interested in having a free reign to say uncontested disparaging remarks about the OP in an effort to discredit them. I can't believe anyone falls for this fallacy.

How's that for acting like a adult?


Every assumes they are loyal customers.

Tasha needs to stop bashing the OP, here and everywhere people are complaining about their bad experiences and trying to warn others.
Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

As long as Tanya attacks the OP I will call her on it.

If it leads to a back and forth, then so be it. She (WHATEVER her age and Position) needs to back off attacking people she isn't in the same category with who simply want to relate their bad experiences with Target.

And, "Okay", I don't remember asking you for a *** to eat.

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