Got to the checkout at the local Target Supermarket in Katy, TX with a 6 pack of beer, the checkout assistant ask for my ID which I showed her but my UK Driving Licence wasn't good enough. I ask for the Store Manager and he reiterated that Target no longer accept anything other than US ID.

I explained that I purchased alcohol in the store the previous week but that fell on deaf ears.

I wouldn't mind if I was in my early 20's but I'm in my mid 40's, do people no longer have the right to apply common sense. Anyway they've lost one customer and Specs next door gained one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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London, England, United Kingdom #787833

I am from the uk and last week was in a target in Los Angeles. Picked up a 6 pack along with a load of other stuff but was refused the alcohol even though I showed my driving licence.

They wanted me to show a passport which is absolutely ridiculous. I didn't have it on me so wasn't able to purchase the alcohol. I am in my forties so don't look even close to 21. What a *** policy, sounds like they don't want holidaymakers visiting their store if a valid driving licence is not good enough for them.

I car hire a car from Dollar with it but god help us if we want to relax with a beer.

Get in the real world Target and welcome people visiting your country instead of these *** rules that someone hasn't even thought through. I won't be visiting a target again!


so you're just randomly in Texas? I think the original poster is under 21 with a fake ID.

to IHateStupidCustomers #788012

You could be right, after all they sound like they are 9 in their review. Go back to UK we already have enough drunks here.

You don't like our laws go home. PS God Bless the Queen.


Maybe they lied to you and the real reason they did not sell the alcohol to you was because of your behavior. If you behave like this when you are so called. "sober" who know how you act with a drink.


Unfortunately, it is policy, at least at my store. You can either show a US driver's license or a Passport.

I do not like the policy but either I follow it or possibly get fired. If I call a supervisor over for permission, they will deny the sale. Yes, I can tell that you are old enough, but no, I'm not allowed to accept DL from another country.

I hate when people get mad at me over this, but it is out of my control. You have to complain to corporate if you want them to reconsider it.


a valid passport would of worked.


No, your UK driver's license wouldn't be enough. Target isn't going to be able to train their cashiers to learn the security features of every driver's license in the world.

Most places will not accept a foreign I.D. Use your passport.


It is not the law, tourists and people on work visas are allowed to drink and purchase tobacco products. They just need to have a valid id with a birthday on it.

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