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My Black Friday fiasco at Target...this is the complaint I sent. We'll see what kind of response is given...

This is a complaint at the complete lack of competence by your management team at the Alton, IL location in handling your Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving. Your company advertised a 40 inch television for $119 starting at 6 pm. 2 other people and myself had arrived at 5pm and were in the 1st hundred people in line. We were handed flyers and sale ads, the flyer had a store map indicating where the sale tv's were to be located. Not much longer afterwards, a woman named Becky walked by the line and introduced herself as a "team leader". She thanked us for choosing Target over the competition, and said when the store would open and there was not to be any running in the store. Upon entering the store at 6pm, we were one of the first to the location that the sale tv's were on the map. Every tv on the ad was there, except the one we were there for. Upon asking the "team leader" about the item, we were told that tickets had been handed out and that the tv's were behind the customer service counter. Not once while waiting in line did I or the other 2 people I was with hear anything about tickets, even the couple in front of us were unaware, or heard it because they were there for the same item. For one thing, why have people wait in freezing temperatures for something you're giving tickets out for? Second, what happened to the policy of 1st come, 1st served? After being frustrated and leaving the store, I decided to call and voice a complaint. When I asked for the store manager, I was put on the phone with Becky, who magically changed positions from "team leader" to store manager. I explained the situation, and that no one near me heard anything about tickets for the item. If your company's idea of being empathetic with the customer involves talking over the customer, being dismissive to get off the phone and not offering any resolution to the problem, well give Becky a promotion because she is certainly proficient at that task. I don't expect any resolve to come out of this message, so surely don't expect me to ever set foot in another Target store again. By the way, I was at your competitor the week before for a similar sale, and it was handled 1st come, 1st serve. It's a shame that I can say I got better service at Walmart.

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London, England, United Kingdom #908100

Same here.. I prepared for weeks for that sale and in our ad it stated "online deal only" so I didn't go to any stores and prepared a few hours in advanced..

Sat there and at 6:00PM sharp still out of stock... I was so mad..

I spent an additional 300 bucks somewhere else.. screw target..


Similar thing happened at the target here. Waited in line forever only to find out that all the tickets for the 40" tv had been handed out.

Which by the way was told to us after waiting in line for 2 hrs. The so called team leader told us this 10 mins before they opened their doors. Really?? And they only had 40 tickets available for the element and 5 for the Samsung.

Anyway I rather shop at Walmart bc that same TV was on sale at Walmart the week before for cheaper and even though Walmart had run out I managed to get a rain check approved by the store manager. They were much more helpful.


Team leader is just another word for store manager. I work at JcPenney and our store manager is known as the team leader.


It probably was first come, first served. The people that got the tickets came to Target before you did. Capiche?

Orange, California, United States #907123

You must be ten years old to think there is only one Becky in the world. Becky is a popular name.

It is possible they have two Becky's working at the store, one a team leader and one a manager. What is your name?

There is probably a rapist or sex offender with your first name, that must mean you are one using your own logic that only one person has your name. Sicko

Saint Peters, Missouri, United States #907111

By the wasn't at the OFallon, MO location. It was Alton, IL. I was there because it was the closest location at the time.

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