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If you work in surprise AZ at Target, be concerned if you are over 40 and non Hispanic. They will eventually get rid of you--and then good luck on getting the pay they owe you.

There is never an HR rep available when you need one, and "no one else" can handle the issue. Don't work there EVER.

One woman who works there used to come in after I did, and would work to her work position and say good morning on the way--never stopped or got into conversations, just said hello as she passed.

She has now been told she is not allowed to say hello when she comes in as it is a distraction. Nice place to work eh?

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Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #250866

I can now be honest with you. I was terminated because of lack of preformance taking long lunch breaks.

I am not even 40 or hispanic.

I just made that up to deter hispanics from coming to the store because it is a hispanic company. I was mad and wanted to make it look like they were discriminating.


Research workplace bullying...

If you are wrongfully terminated, are over 40, have a disability, or in a protected class consider contacting the EEOC.

Good luck.

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