At the check out at the Walnut Creek California Target I was asked if I would like to save 5% on today's purchase I said no thankyou. Then the clerk replied that I could be saving 5% on every purchase, and added why wouldn't I want that.

So I said ok thinking that I was signing up for a target value card...much like a Safeway or CVS club card. I said I can take the literature home with me and bring it back next time I come. She said you can fill it out right now on the debit card screen so I swipped my card and filled out some additional info and like my birthday and social (which I thought was a little weird) and I signed the screen at the end (like a credit card purchase - which I thought was also weird) with no mention by the clerk or any of the feilds of information I had filled out moments ago on the debit card screen that I had in fact signed up for and made my first purchase on a new Target credit card! So my reciept informed me that I had signed up for a credit card and that I had made myfirst purchase on my new temporary account.

Both the clerk and the manager seemed to have rehersed their unconvencing appologetic responses when I expresses my displeasure in being duped. Shady!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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the anonymous poster from Mississippi enjoys it up the a$$. but on a more serious note, that is pretty shady and messed up.

I don't think all Target employees do that, it might have just been that one employee. if it asked for your social security number, you should have canceled it right away because why would a discount require that?


Anonymous let's face it you were fired from Target for trying to get the manager to promote you through sexual performances.


Well they say there is a sucker born every minute. You were the sucker.

Seriously you should have not given your SS#. Hey someone can probably sell you a Bridge in Brooklyn.

I am not accustomed to anyone telling the truth about Target on this site AND warning the public about the questionable way they deal with the public!
Most of the time, I am either attacked for my position, or impersonated to try to make it look like I have changed my mind/position about warning consumers. (Ain't gonna happen!)
Thanks for your input. :) :)

not cool


not cool


I wouldn't sign up if I were you. I have had that same problem with the Target in my local area in Sacramento.

I am at least one thousand dollars in debt due to the late charges because I can't seem to find a job in the Sacramento area. And, yes, they use a lot of high pressure sales tactics to get people to sign up for this damned thing.

You won't save any money. It's not worth the cost in late fees and hidden charges.


Yeah, that's how they "train" their cashiers and whatnot. It's a scam.

You're not really saving money. They actually are going as far in our MD store to make announcements at the service desk every couple of minutes. Also in our employee area, they have posted that all employees need to see their GSA/GSTL to sign up for one/to have their family members all do the same! I know because I work there, and I DO NOT OWN THE DAMNED CARD.

It's a fake/ploy/way for them to make more money off you. I had a friend that went to orientation. The first thing they told them was how much money that the company aims to make off "guests." And every day at every meeting they always say how much money they make off guests. It's sickening.

That's why I'm getting a better job. The only thing I like about it is the population/interaction with people.


Well, thanks, "Me".

I always appreciate it when I am enlightened on the Target site about the ignorance of its posters and responders.

It might do you well to stand at the front door of Target and enlighten every "guest" that enters that establishment just exactly what the store means when someone applies for their card. It sure would help those of us who were duped by Target. Without your help, well, we all would just be taken in by our own ignorance of their wonderful practices.

BTW: Are you the cupid with a giant bow and arrow who shoots at EVERY Target customer? It would help to know who is reeming it up our as@es.


It's not a credit card, its just a card tied to your debit card that only works at Target and only gives you a 5% discount and coupons in the mail occasionally. You were'nt duped, you just didn't understand (like the other two posters)


You gave them your SS#. Any retard can figure out if you're giving them that, they're doing a credit check.

The discount cards at other stores don't require a SS#. You were a victim of your own ignorance.


If you think you have been duped with a Target credit card, just wait.

Target is in the business of duping their customers in any way they can.

I am sorry that you fell for one of their many gimicks, but hand on. Target is only truthful about their slogan. They put a target on your back and aim for you every time you make a purchase there.

I look forward to seeing your upcoming reports about their misservice, because, as sure as the rain, it's coming!

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