Recently at a Target store in Forest Lake, MN my favorite employee there was fired. This young man was very hard working, going to college and according to other employees at this store a top worker, had been talked to about becoming a team lead, received numeous praise notes on a weekly if not daily basis.

This young man was told on Thursday, March 31 that an investigation would be started to see if he commited time clock fraud. Target is alleging he wrote in time on his card which totaled $8. Five days later they fired this young man.

He was never given a chance to defend himself; he was never given a warning or put on "corrective plan" (as Target likes to do). They just fired him.

He is coming up on his year anniversary, will be eligible for a raise and benefits. Rather than pay the tiny extra Target might with a raise ($.10) they fire people. If they are going to make false accursations to force people out at least let them resign. Target is far worse to their employees than WalMart, hands down.

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When they fired him did they give him any termination papers



Is Target paying you to defend them??? I can condemn Target and the facts we do know.

There are certain laws protecting individual's rights and disclosure matters.

Target was ordered to disclose the "facts of this case" as you say and much more. Target is just out for themselves and not those who work for them and not for the communities they are in.


I work at a target and I'm treated like ***. I have never felt so disrespected in my life.

Im forced to work two position and only get paid minimum wage. Every time I clock out I just want to go home and cry. Some employees are really nice but others are rude.

They dont greet and give you dirty looks. Life sucks thanks to target, but I have no chice but to cling to this job....


He lied.

Sorry to sy it, but the machines there DO NO allow you to clock in more than 5 minutes early.


Some details need not be made public. My information is all first hand.

I am not shooting blind.

Target is shooting blind. You sound like you are making blind accusations and you seem to have a bit of malice for me - an individual you never met.


You are getting your info second-hand and cannot possibly know all the facts of the case. You cannot condemn Target when you are not aware of all the facts.

You are accusing Target of making false accusations when you are shooting blind with accusational malice. You sound like someone with an axe to grind and a plain troublemaker

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