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I would not have believed this if I hadn't experienced this myself. Ordered several items of clothing on-line that were intended for the Salvation Army Angels as a donation - a total of almost $500.

I made sure that all items were listed as "in stock". I received a confirmation email telling me that all items would be shipped and received on or before Monday, November 28th. That was fine as the donations needed to be in by the first of December, though I could only drop them off on the 29th at the latest. A couple of days later I received an emails telling me that some of the items would arrive by the 30th, not good.

But thought that these might actually arrive on time, that this was an outside date. In the confirmation email I received from Target it specifically said that my credit card would not be charged until the items shipped. A few days later I begin to receive a series of emails telling me that the products are shipping, a few at a time. The next day my credit card company calls saying that it suspects fraudulent purchases are being made since there are repeated charges from the same vendor in two days.

I thought not and explained that these are likely the shipments from Target totaling $500. It was then that I was told that Target put a hold on my credit line to the extent of the $500 back on the date of the order. And, now, with each shipment, is presenting separate charges for the incremental amounts. This, is addition to the hold.

So, it is tying up almost twice the amount of credit as the order that was placed. I immediately contacted Target. After 2 1/2 hours talking to people in India or whatever distant location - wherever it was, it was almost impossible to communicate effectively - I was told that someone would call me within 24 hours and the hold would be removed within that time. Not a small matter since I needed the full amount of the available credit on this card to rent a car at the airport once I arrived home for Thanksgiving two days later.

Surprise! No call; no reversal of the hold. So, I had to cancel my trip, which cost me $300 in cancellation charges from the airline and I stayed home on Thanksgiving eating scrambled eggs skyping into the dinner table back in Wisconsin. The next day I figured I would go take advantage of the black Friday sales.

No - Target still hadn't reversed the hold. There was still one item left to be shipped, so it refused to remove the hold. Of course it said that it can't, just "sorry, sorry, sorry, ..." in broken English, as if that might solve anything. I told them to cancel this last item and remove the hold.

It said that it can't. So, for the lack of a single $13 item Target justified holding a $500 hold, plus the almost $500 in charges for the items that had shipped. Today some of the items arrived. I had already determined that I would return every one - no merchant abuses customers like this and still gets my hard-earned money!

So, I opened the box to pull out the packing list which is required for an in-store returns of online purchases. The packing list is for an entirely different order number for a purchase made by an entirely different individual who I never heard of, who lives 2000 miles away. I bought clothing; the packing list was for a bicycle, a doll and another toy! So, I can't even return the items to the store since the packing list doesn't match the items.

And, to make matters worse the credit account I used for these purchases was an online account that has no physical card. So, I can't even produce the form of payment to the store since it doesn't exist in physical form. Target says it will keep the hold on my account along with the charges until the last item ships, which it estimated would be another week or two, long after I even need the item, so it would be returned, no matter what. The audacity!

The disrespect!

I keep my word - never again will Target get a penny from me! I will pay more if I must, but I will support businesses that respect their customer!

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Six - While I am woefully aware of the attack dogs of, tiredness of their unrelenting negativism got the best of me when they turned their attacks on your statement concerning the operation of Target's business practices.

That being said, I do want to thank and congratulate you for your follow-up explanation of your position. Target is awful to their customers, and word needs to circulate to potential future consumers. Thanks again for the dignity you used to handle an ongoing problem with such a large retailer who seems to be trying to run themselves out of business by mistreating their patrons.


liar: As i said from the outset, if it didn't happen to. me I would not have believed that this series of events could have gone unchecked by any reputable merchant.

But that appears to be thw point- Target is not a reputable company. We as consumers teach these companies how to treat us. If we don't make conscious and deliberate choices about our spending habits nothing changes. The shopper has the ultimate power in a consumption-based economy.

We need to recognize this and act proactively. If a company hasvreal consequences for its policies and practices it will adjust to the will of the consumervin order to survive, It truly. is up to the consumer to shop responsibly based on outcomes. The individual, collrctively, has more power than the multinational corporation.

If a company loses customers it must make shopping at its outlets more attractive. Strict price-based purchasing strategies have created this environment and policies will only improve when the consumer demands more. Really, think about it- Target and other big box stores need the consumer more than the consumer needs them. Embrace your power and make choices that support positive change.

Otherwise we continue down the consumer = victim continuum.

Stand up and act in your long term interest. I can certainly do without Walmart and Target as long as these types of retailers act more like predators than purveyors.


Your mistake was using PayPal they hate to return funds.

*** me "liar".
:( :( :( :sigh :sigh :sigh :eek :eek :eek :p :p :p :roll :roll :roll :x :x :x :x
Never has the truth been told so eloquently!!

This is so *** made up!


Oh, sixfigureshopper!

Thank you for the concise appraisal of shopping at Target.

It could not have been better said, "the cost is too high".

Perfect assessment of the shopping experience Target offers it's guests.


Update: Went to the store to return those items for which I did receive the proper packing slip and found out that Target is refusing to issue a credit for these items, only a store credit even though the shipment dates had been changed after the initial confirmation email citing the delivery parameter. A day or so later I received an email telling me that the date would be two days later than I needed them to arrive.

There was no option to cancel the order since it wasn't going to arrive as promised. When I contacted them I was told that the order could not be cancelled since it was more than one half hour after the placing of the order. I was told to accept the merchandise and return it to the store. Following their direction I did exactly that only to find out that if I had refused the items I could have received a credit, but since I accepted the shipment I would only be given a credit.

Spent 2 hours on the phone, cut off repeatedly, then 2 hours in the store, no resolution. The store manager couldn't manage herself out of a box. Target calls its customers "guests" - it needs to take another look at the definition of that word and open a book of etiquette on how guests are supposed to be treated - not lied to and stolen from, abused and disrespected. I have disputed the charges with PayPal and though Target asserts that it has a special arrangement with PayPal to enforce the 'no refund' policy the person at PayPal with whom I spoke said that it has no such policy.

I was assured that the charges would ultimately be reversed. Even if that is the case, in the end, this is not going to undo all the aggravation or give me back all the time stolen from me in the process of making a simple purchase.

Never again will I shop at Target or No matter the price, the costs are too high!


That's what I've been trying to tell you, folks. Here is another person ripped off by Target.

They don't care who they step on and keep abusing customer after customer. Sooner or later, they will destroy their own reputation. I'm just sorry to see that it's at so many peoples' expense.

Please pass this experience on to as many people as you can so that everyone can see what you have to see the hard way.

Target could care less about customer service. Once they get money from someone, it's gone whether or not you have gotten a fair deal or not!

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