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In early 2008 my fiancé & I opened our wedding registry at There, we registered for more than 70 items available at any Target location, or on their retail website. By opening a registry at Target we encouraged our friends and family to shop there, not only for our wedding gifts, but also for themselves.

We created many new Target customers, out of the more than 285 invited guests to our event and received many gifts, from Target, at the showers and wedding celebration held in our honor.

8 days after the wedding ceremony & celebration, and only 2 days after returning from our honeymoon, we gathered all of the extra or unnecessary items, originally purchased from Target, and took them to the Target store located in my hometown of Peachtree City, Georgia.

We were hoping to return these extra, or unnecessary items and exchange them for Target store credit with which we could purchase other, previously uppercased items off of our wedding registry.

6/7/08 - After a friendly greeting and explanation of our intentions, we were informed that only a few of the items brought with us that day would be refundable for two reasons.

First, any items that were over $20 and without a receipt, were not acceptable - not for a store credit, not for any type of restocking fee - NOTHING.

Next, we had two items that had gift receipts that were more than 90 days old. Because these items were over $20 & were accompanied by receipts more than 90 days old, they were not to be accepted by Target at all.

I explained to Crystal, the Peachtree City Target's customer service representative, that we received these gifts one week ago at our wedding, on May 30th, 2008 (date listed within the Target system on our registry). I asked how it could be possible that our guests could purchase these items early, include a gift receipt & the items still be non-refundable for a store credit minus any restocking fee?

Crystal informed me that our wedding gifts were purchased "too early" and that although the items are still currently sold, at original price, through Target, there was nothing she could do about it.

She encouraged us to go back to our wedding guests, the gift givers of these non-refundable items and ask for their credit card information, that way she could pull the receipts out of Target's system & see if there was anything we could do.

I informed Crystal that going back to a wedding guest & asking for their credit card information would be extremely rude, not to mention tacky.

She then suggested that we LIE to our friends and family, tell them their gifts were broken or defective & get their information that way. WOW...!

She then gave me Target's corporate customer relations hotline number & I proceeded to call from the red, consumer hotline phone located in Target's customer service center.

After speaking to a consumer service rep on Target's hotline and receiving no help, I was turned over to the customer service hotline's manager, Antonio. He basically told me that there was nothing to be done and to get off the phone, take my items, go home and "Have A Nice Life." Literally... This took more than 35 minutes.

At that point I was so frustrated, I took what little store credit we did receive, my extra, unnecessary items and left the Peachtree City Target, for good.

A week later (6/14/08), upon returning to our new home in Lawrenceville, Georgia, I decided to visit the Buford, Georgia Target location to see if I could get more favorable results.

I spoke to the manager on duty, Kayla and explained my situation and frustrations, regarding Target's registry return policy. Kayla was able to issue me a store credit for 3 items, that added up to under $20, and added that to my previous balance from the returned items from the weekend before.

However, due to Target's strict registry return policy, I am still left with two extra shower curtains ($30 each), panini press ($40), dishware set ($60) measuring cup set ($26), & bad impression of Taregt!

I am at a complete loss as to why Target would treat their gift registry consumers this way & why there is no amended return / exchange policy for all of the registry customers???

Since then, I have filed a complaint against Target Corporation with the Better Business Bureau & did receieve a call from Brad, another Target Customer Relations "Expert." Brad was very apologetic for the way I was treated, but said that nothing could be done.

I am now on a quest to inform anyone and everyone that I possibly can about Target's outrageous return and exchange policy for their gift recipients.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Bilthoven, Utrecht, Netherlands #21422

YOU ARE SO RIGHT! their policy sucks and considering boycotting too.

my daughter recieve clothing for her birthday that did not fit. target made a stink and did not take back the items. they told me to "donate" them. bs.

why can't i exchange them?

it's so ***. as much as i hate walmart...they are looking better and better.

Elizabethtown, North Carolina, United States #20348

John, you're a complete fool! I can't even deal with idiots who hop on and try and protect their company.

This is a routine problem with Target and I stopped shopping there 7 years ago when after we had 400 people at our wedding, who back then did not get gift receipts unless they asked for them. We blessed Target with a lot of business, thousands of dollars worth, and they thanked us by not even letting us exchange TOWEL COLORS when we got too many of one kind! They are atrocious! I cannot believe they are still doing that!

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I spread the truth about their awful customer service every chance I get.

Birdsville, Queensland, Australia #19167

target's return policy is not that horrible. Getting a simple gift reciept is not hard at all.

A gift reciept prints out with every reciept.

Also 90 days is a considerable amount of time. That is almost 3 months!

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