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Target online website is terrible...just terrible. Tried to order $25 eGift card -- simple? 5 times and no arrival. Called customer service in BFE Philippines and they say problem is with system. They promised supervisor call back - never happened. All of them no help dimwits..about 15 watts on a sunny day. All they can do is offer refund and repeat apology. Lousy phone connection too.

Customer service phone system says, "we're busy helping other customers" (very rude which says 'YOU' are not important)

I often shop at Target and like their products. However, their online system is the WORST experience of all I've shopped. Shut it down and go home!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

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Target being the best store, the website is super worst (extremely slow and it is really hard to find what we want to look)....Target management should open their eyes.


Target's website is the worst. It is extremely slow or non-responsive.

It is impossible to place an order. I will not shop on their website anymore.

It's probably the worst I've ever been on, When is the last time they checked it for trouble? You would think they have a technical team that would make sure it is working efficiently.


Target's site is extremely slow, unresponsive and not functional. I tried many times to navigate their site and purchase a couple of products without success.

It takes forever to even pull up the front page and when trying to search the site just hangs and fustruation sets in. Target is about 1 hour drive so online shopping would be convenient HOWEVER website turns people away.

Any other competitor website is excellent and responssive not TARGET. Hope someone read these comments and make some major changes.


Previous poster Helen target does not suck- its competition does! I go to target and no employees rudely walk infront of me and pull stocking dollys infront of me.

Yet their competition does. i can go to the store and find what I want while at the other retailer I can't find anything because the place is a pig sty and so many people want to save a dime and shop there.

If target is so bad then where is the People of Target sight ?? shows the difference in class

to shut up helen #1116169

its now 2016 and their website sux even more. 11 items in my shopping cart all gone.

i thought F ill just log in and then put them in again. Well F that because they lost my stuff again.

13 items i click on cart and they ask me log in so i did and then empty cart. And to that guy below, target is great but is not, its the worst human experience in the world.


Tasha-- read the comment. Doesn't sound like he has any trouble navigating the site or needs "adult help," just an intelligent human being to address the bugs in the system.

#358737 sux ***!!! AND the dolts in customer service!!

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