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I got my mother a TV/DVD for her kitchen it stop working after 3 months and 1 week and they REFUSE REFUSE to help me they said it passed 90 days so there is nothing they can do and it's only 5 day pass the return date and they WILL NOT MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS .I told them it's only 5 days they said NO I have to go to the company who makes it .so now I have to call them send it to the o fix and then wait for it to come back and that's going to be about one month .I JST DON'T GET IT

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I also believe that for a TV you were offered a 2 year replacement warranty or a 3 year repair policy.... which you probably turned down.


Now come on everyone this was purchased for his-her mom. This alone should allow for some bending of the rules and regulations.

HAH! No one takes back used electronic items!


Better yet as Queen of England you should have had ordered their heads chopped off for not catering to you.




Shame on Target for not breaking the rules for you. As the Queen of England, you deserve better than this. You should have called the customer service desk person some names, then make personal attacks against her family, then threaten to take your business to Wal-Mart.

(It's what you whiny customers usually do to get your way.)


Actually, their return policy on electronics is 15 days which makes you 80 days late. No other store would've helped you either.

I'm not sure what you aren't getting. Seems pretty cut and dry to me.


here we go, another ***. what don't you get?

you bought a TV, it stopped working after a while. every store has a return policy and 90 days is pretty fair. the TV unfortunately stopped working after the return period. Target didn't want to mop up your tears, change your wet diaper and make an exception for a baby like you.

you're a customer just like the rest of us when shopping there so you have to follow the rules too. now it's your responsibility to contact the manufacturer of the TV and it's NOT Target.


You don't get what? It's their official return policy.

You could have looked it up before purchasing. You must follow the rules like everyone else.

It's not their problem to begin with anyway. You should always go to the manufacturer for the warranty if something breaks.

It doesn't matter if it's 5 days or 5 years. Going straight back to the point of sale is plain lazy.

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