I have seen People become injured on the job through no fault of their own and go on medical leave.Only to find out 90 days before the medical leave is up that they have been fired.

This has happen to great team heroes too. The Sad part is that these people are not notified of the termination and doctors go unpaid.

Also no human resource team lead will provided paper work as to why a person was let go or the HR team lead is removed from that store or position when questions start being asked.Worker should beware!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Easy you were fired because you were careless workers. Target cannot afford to replace you and pay your medical bills while paying someone else because you were working too fast or not following their safety rules or not reading instructions.


Easy you were fired because you were careless workers. Target cannot afford to replace you and pay your medical bills while paying someone else because you were working too fast or not following their safety rules or not reading instructions.


Do you ever feel like someone above you just nit picks at EVERYTHING you do, say, and wear?I cant go to ANYONE because nothing stays confidential between you and the person you went and spoke to.

I dont trust my ETL's or my STL. I only trust my TL. I love Target as a store.. its the people i work with i dont like.

They do favoritism at our store although they say there is no favoritism. If you arent kissing *** you wanna be careful.

Cannot wait for the team member survey to come back again!Would love to tell them how i really feel.


I work for Target and I was injured on the job last year. The LOD who handled the incident report was removed from the store two months later.


i work at target in chicago illinois STORE NUMBER 2373 CHICAGO WILSON YARD.first off i love the store as a whole.

but the team leads that work there are horrible,the only ones that actually do their job are the hardlines team leaders. NONE of the softlines team leaders do any work ABSOLUTELY none of the softlines team leaders do anything. target suppose to have a open door policy but when u come to a team lead about an issue they talk about u to other team leads and even etls. when our stl sunda is not there its even worse.

all the team leads want to do there job when shes there but when she not tls dont do anything.softlines team leads has told us plenty times before that they dont do reshop, and i thought that was unfair because thats what their there to do. one of our softlines tls got promoted to etl and alot of us team members think that she really dont deserve it because all she do is sit in the tl office. most of the team leads are in the tl office playing around or in the tsc playing around when their not on break or lunch.

team leaders think only softlines ppl suppose to respond to back up when everybody suppose to respond.i really like the store but working there is not what it use to be.EVERYBODY is lazy.


anyways my fault for thinking you might have some useful information for me PEACE OUT


im sorry i didnt realize you were mentally handicap but i do see why you live online. no real friends


Quote = “target employee”

“how do i(sic) get to it?”

I’ve tried to read several of your recent posts and I conclude you DON’T get it…


Quote = “target employee”

“anyways target is a joke alwys braggin bout the millions it donates yet they tell the employees which they work like slaves to go to the welfare to get free medical.

That sentence makes no sense at all. Can you rewrite it in English?

Also, “alwys” and “braggin” are misspelled.


Quote = “target employee”

“whaa u no speaka English”

If that remark was directed at me, I’d like to point out that English is my native language (although I learned American English when I immigrated to the USA).

If you think I can read and understand what you are posting here, when you use odd words such as “Whaa” and “u” and “speaka”, you are sadly mistaken. From my point of view these simply indicate that you lack maturity and basic communication skills! Prove me wrong..

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