I am mobility impaired and often use the Target riding cart for my shopping. At checkout, the cashier loaded my items on the belt and after purchase, repacked the bags into the cart. After getting into my car ard returning home - (over 20mi) I discovered that one bag was missing without about $24.00 in mdse. I immediately called the store and spoke to Guest Services. Yes, the bag was turned in, I identified the missing products, and the clerk said she logged it in with my name. She told me to come back with my original receipt and they would take care of it.

When I returned the next day, I also physically returned one of the items purchased (about $10 item). I asked for my other items and the clerk (actually the same person I spoke to on the phone - who remembered my call) said that the items had been returned to the sales floor. I was tired and said that I just wanted the credit back on my Target Red card - because I didn't want to go all over the store and find the original items.

Suddenly, she tells me that she can't put the $24 back on my card as a credit. She could only issue a $24 gift card. Huh? I had the original receipt, and she had just credited me $10 for the item I returned. She also had a log showing all the items in the "lost" bag and my matching receipt for those items. I don't want them anymore, you already have them in the store, and I just want a credit back to cut down the new $70 balance on my Target credit card.

"Can't do that, has to go on a gift card" she says. But you have credit for the whole $24 on the gift card. Okay, I said, I'll buy $24 worth of stuff right here at the checkout and then return it for credit to my RED card. "Nope, can't do that, if you buy with a gift card, it has to be credit back to a gift card."

"so you're saying that my $24 is now TRAPPED in Target mdse, no matter what?"


"That is ***, I said". I understand that I still have credit. But I REALLY want to apply that money back to the original purchase, so that my new debt on the card is only about $35 instead of $60 (since they did credit the $10 item to my card).

I asked the clerk, the Customer Serv Mgr, and I asked for the Store manager or Asst Manager. The CSM would not call the manager for me. It was their fault. The original cashier packed my cart and left off the bag. I even said, "Do I have everything?

I called Target HDG Guest Services in Minneapolis. They couldn't help me. They told me that since the gift card was already issued, it could not be converted to cash or a RED card credit. I understand that I am being a pain in the *** about this --- but I just want to pay down my credit card bill (THE CARD THEY ISSUED TO ME). and not buy $24 worth of stuff I no longer want.

Their mistakes:

1. Original cashier did not load my cart with bats (disabled shopper -they loaded "ALL" bags.

2. Could not issue a credit back to the original RED card - even though there was no question about the missing items that had already been returned to the salesfloor, AND I had the original receipt, showing the form of payment.

3. They handed me the original receipt, the return receipt (for $10 item), and the gift card with $24 on it.

4. HDQ in Minneapolis tells me they will help me -- what is the ID # on the giftcard receipt? HUH? They did not give me a gift card receipt, but I have the gift card with all serial numbers on it.

5. HDQ: Too bad, without the gift card receipt, there are no refunds.

AAACKKK!!! I am tired of the TARGET bureacracy and BS. I cut up my RED card. I will pay the balance, and I guess I will have to try to sell the gift card to get my money back.

Did I mention that I worked for Target for 7 years, back in the 80s when I was in college. I was a service desk clerk. Back then, we did everything we could to help the Customer. I knew all the angles and was suspicious of "no-receipt returns". I griped about Customers all the time. But you know, when you have ALL THE PROOF your need, AND YOU REMEMBER the exact transaction from the previous day.... you don't pull out this BS. You bring the store manager down with his override key, and you make the Customer happy. I know this, I lived this. I even told them to do an override cash refund, and apply the cash directly to my RED card. Nope. No deal. Sorry lady, you're just screwed.

Something else I learned twenty years ago when I was a Customer Service representative for Target? The average satisfied Customer MAYBE tells one person about their experience -- if they tell anyone at all. The dissatisfied Customer tells about 10 people about a bad experience.

I cut up my RED card. I will also be blogging this, Facebooking, Twittering, Yahooing, etc. Because now I am mad.

Have a good day, Target Team Members!

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Savannah, Georgia, United States #1268358

I don't blame you for being irked off! If the store employee would have made sure you had your stuff to begin with then you wouldn't have this mess!

Management should have accommodated you for this mistake. The items should have been logged into a notebook before they returned your merchandise to the shelves, your merchandise that was already paid for.

Then Target should have those items waiting for you upon your return to get them. Since you were inconvenienced because you had to come back and get the items they forgot, they should have issued you a gift card for the inconvenience!

to JackieB05 Fullerton, California, United States #1268438

Or she could have bought a parent or babysitter to the store to make sure she left with everything she paid for since she is not old enough to do that yet. If she feels she is old enough to go shopping by herself she is old enough to make sure she left with everything.

Cutting up her red card also shows her immaturity. People need to grow up these days and admit fault and take responsibility for their mistakes instead of blaming others.

There is another lady demanding that Target give her $500 because someone stole her purse and she had to change the locks. $400 for the changing of the locks and $100 for mental auguish and suffering.


Wow unbelievable, and I only got through half of it!

Dallas, Texas, United States #613649

I think it is awful that these people were so lazy and it cost you something!

Will remember that in the future before choosing Target...

to me #1097067

Personal responsibility works both ways. What you learned about the average customer telling 20 people about bad things and one if even about good service shows how selfish and ungrateful people are, you apparently one of them.

Us American's are like that apparently, we take too much for granted. They don't care that you childishly cut up your red card

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1268439

Don't forget she childishly blames Target for her being irresponsible. It is people like her that makes Americans look bad.


Why didn't they just return the items back to your card?

If you purchased it from your card, it would be default go back to it.

It is too bad you had a poor experience, from my perspective there should have been no problem doing this as they manually enter the item numbers from the receipt as a return since they had record of the left items.


Alright. I'll go halfsies here.

I agree they should have handled it better. Working at Target (though for the record I am NOT representing them in this post, I'm not working right now, I'm not being paid, this is unofficial, my opinion and not that of Target), I would've put the *** items back on your card. Simple as that. It would have been more complicated register-wise, but I would have weasled my way around it. Sometimes there's some weasling that needs to be done to make the guest happy. Simple as that.


I don't know. I'm going back and forth on if that was completely ridiculous or not to add in the disability thing. My husband is on the autism spectrum and there's some things I have to help him with, like he's very awkward making phone calls. Once I made a few calls for him and well he started making me a list of people who needed to be called. No way jose. The point of my story is, yes you need and deserve some assistance, but you still have to take care of your own. You can't lose your independence. Checking to make sure you have all of your bags is the perfect example. The cashier probably missed the last bag because I'd say maybe once a week we have to load a cart for someone.


Very true, that happened to me too.... thiefs!!!!!

to Ilacha #1022514

They are not thieves if you are not capable of making sure you left with everything you bought.


There's alot of information that is not included n this complaint. Bcuz it is not as hard as it explained. I work at Guest Services now.


He did not need to mention is disability in this review, therefore he either thinks because of his disability he should get special treatment, or to pity him and think that Target is the boogeyman because they were mean to a disabled man.


anonymous, I'll agree with you 100% that Target handled the original posters situation very poorly. what I don't agree with is your irrelevant replies and acting as if Target hating is some kind of new religion that you want to spread all around. I also don't agree with you getting hot in the pants from fake smiley faces and men/women that complain on this website.


"Frankly, I don't see where you HINTED at asking for pity for your disability." Ahhhh...the fact that the OP mentioned their disability even though it had nothing to do with the complaint. It' same thing as mentioning that you are pregnant, African American, Indian, Vertically Challenged and so forth, even though your complaint is about how long the checkout lines are.

to BigBruce Seymour, Texas, United States #1029544

You're wrong, but thanks for playing.

A person who can't stand has little chance of picking up bags from a check stand. The cashier picked them up and gave them to the customer--except for the missing bag in question.

to Big steve #1029700

Then the person should not be shopping alone. The cripple should not hold up the cashier. The cripple is not blind, she should have double checked.


Now that the PissedConsumer jackals :cry :cry :cry have hurled their hateful comments and thus met their obligations with the compay, maybe now you can receive honest, decent comments from the rest of us who truly are concerned about your experiences at Target. !! : :zzz

I appreciate you as a dissatisfied customer of Target sharing your experience with the public. :) 8)

You are indeed correct. If a person has a good shopping experience, maybe one other person will be told about that trip.

As a dissatified customer, I certainly have told more than 10 people about my feelings about Target. If you tell at least 10 people, soon the word will spread to more people than Target wishes to deal with. :p

I also agree that it is a win-win for all of us that are spreading the word about the treatment a "guest" receives at Target. :zzz

Frankly, I don't see where you HINTED at asking for pity for your disability. Seems to me that you just asked for reasonable treatment from the Target staff and stores. I guess that's too much for Target to give to

anyone!! :eek :grin :eek


"It was their fault. The original cashier packed my cart and left off the bag. I even said, "Do I have everything?"

It was your fault for not noticing the missing bag. Honestly if you are so disabled that you need a babysitter to shop with you get one. Don't blame Target for your being careless.

I agree why complain about how they return the money. You still will be able to spend it.

Also being a dummy does not count as a disability.

I think I know how you got to be disabled. You were driving while angry(it does not take much to anger you.) You drove fast, and got yourself paralized crashing into a tree.

You can tell everyone you want, but the truth is they will tell you to grow up and that it is your fault for forgetting the bag. They won't pity you as you think for being disabled.

to Jedi KNight ethan #994351

This person did not forget the bag!the cashier wasn't paying attention!and target employee should've refunded the money for the products this customer paid for and credited this amount to any means the customer wanted,what kind of inconsiderate dummy does target employ to not check and check again to make sure a consumer goes home with what they paid for I've run into this problem a lot,even thou I hold up the line *** off every one in line even the cashier ! The nagger rules have gone to ***,and one of them is most important is to always double check to make sure all items are where they belong!in the customers possession! I MEAN REALLY !WHAT WOULD IT HURT FOR THIS CASHIER TO GIVE THE OLD BAGGING WHEEL ANOTHER SPIN!?

to Jedi KNight ethan #1021395

WOW!!! I know this is an old post but REALLY??

Making fun of the disabled??? You need a swift kick in the #@%! I have been to stores before and THEY didn't give me all the bags on the carousel, so I look to make sure I got them all. When you have a disabled person that maybe they can't stand up and look all around, they rely on the cashier to be thorough and honest.

The customer asked if there were any more bags and the cashier said NO! The customer isn't asking for pity, but trying to put disabled in the review to allow you to visualize what they went through as a disabled person!

You don't understand anything about this, you just want to assume and put negative vibes out there! Can't wait until you have a bad experience with a store and you're ready to write a review of your own!

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