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Why would TARGET Stores allow a product "SHOWER to SHOWER" TALCUM POWDER be put on Your Consumer shelf for sale, when previous to this in the last 8 yrs or more TARGET has sold this product ONLY from the Pharmacy counter upon request! In Dec 2014 I visited a Target store in Southfield, MI that was selling this product, NOW, on Open Shelves on the Discount or Discontinued Endcap aisle of TARGET!Within the last 6 mo.

this product SHOWER to SHOWER &Talcum Powders has lawsuits & has been on public telecast TV as linked to causing Cervical Cancer! (Are these Baby Powder Products being sold at the Pharmacy?)Therefore, if TARGET previously could not/would not sell this product Except thru the Pharmacy Why is it being placed & sold on Open Shelf Now that its being discontinued? It has been found to be obviously dangerous. We as consumers are unaware.

I would have hoped TARGET to have in Good Conscious continued to sell this product in the SAME manner, behind the Pharmacy counter or ON the Pharmacy Counter & NOT as they did upon discontinuing a potential dangerous product! It is IRRESPONSIBLE for TARGET to Sale this or any other product in this manner!!

Extremely Disappointed, as well as with TARGET Pharmacy. RB

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Used as intended you shouldn't have any problem with this powder or any other.

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