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I purchased a swing for my daughter in May 2014 the swing recently would swing on one speed no matter what button you pressed eventually just stopped then I started to use batteries instead of charger it didn't make an difference my daughter is only 12 pounds so she under the weight limit got so fed up and tried to return it with my receipt and since receipt is expired as of 815 I wouldn't get full prove refunded of 120.16 and no one was willing to assist me with that I recently purchased another swing under the impression I would receive my money back customer service was horrible and I'm stuck with a swing that is clearly defected and out of 120.16 and to top it off dealing with rude customer service

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So you want a full refund on a product you have been using since May? Don't you find that a tad unreasonable?

If you didn't like the swing, you should have returned it shortly after trying it.

Target gave you three months to return the swing if you were unsatisfied. That's more than reasonable.

to Simon Los Angeles, California, United States #877624

You obviously work for Target you piece of ***. I hope you burn in hel!

to mike #877703

Making a comment like that and assuming he works at Target because he disagrees with the OP makes you obviously seven years old. Get mommy's permission before posting would you.

I don't work for Target, and Simon probably does not.

Not everyone that disagrees with someone who expects them to bend the rules for them works at Target. He has a valid point, this does not mean he works for Target.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #877855

Why don't you get your mommy to give you permission to suck Simon's pole?


Are you sure you are not the one weighting 12 pounds because only a child would confuse being told no as rudeness. Also work on your spelling and grammar.

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