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Target contributed $150,000 to an organization supporting a vehemently anti-*** candidate in Minnesota, closely associated with a Christian rock band that advocates death and violence to *** people. The candidate, running for governor of the state, is well know for his far-right views.

This is not the Target I know, who purports to support the LGBT community, and more Moderate politics in general. I am boycotting Target until they correct their actions.

Since they seem to be refusing to do that, I may never shop there again. It's a shame, because I use to me a regular customer.

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Not sure why Raintree thinks you can't say ***, but the story I think is important. Target is supporting a right winger who is anti-*** and anti- a lot more. Read about it, educate yourself, and think about it when you shop.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #178945


s t u p i d, and i d i o t are also curse words so is *** unless you use it like this "fuckstick"


Where can we file a complaint ON pissedconsumer ABOUT pissedconsumer? lol horrible is Target. I don't shop often, but what little I do shop there will cease immediately.


Since when is the G_A_Y a cuss word?? If that's what the ***** mean. Not sure what to make of that.

Hi Raincoat: Are you *** or are you now ***. I am myself *** although I used to be *** and also ###!. noonan :cry

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