"Help you find something" you are clueless...It is obvious that you are an employee of target and it's your job to argue against complaints from target. O As a small business owner of about 25 employees I am very busy, but I make it a point to call out businesses that have no clue how to train it's employees in customer service and other aspects of the retail game. Yes my sarcasm may have caused a negative response, but I assure you that when I walked into target to return this product I was very polite, and both myself and the women at the counter laughed together. It was after several contacts with other target employees that I realized that being the nice guy wasn't going to work.Your unprofessional comments, such as, "I must have plenty of time on my hands", and calling my complaint, "Drama" is exactly what I am talking about. I will continue to complain about this and I will use other avenues to make sure that my words are heard. You can continue to try to cover your company's total disreguard for the consumer, but there are many people just like me that will try to point out horrible companies like target.

My final comment is from your final comment,"Its you option to not shop at Target, but how many other stores are you going to "dis" before you do your job as an informed shopper?"

As an informed shopper I know that it is the law that target must let the consumer know that they are buying a used product. There were no markings and the top of the box was re-taped as if it never left the store. If by purchasing a product from target, I am entering into a legal contract, then if they sell me a used product when it is marked as new, then that is a breach of contract!!! And since they haven't held up their end of the contract then whatever taget's company policy is on returned items is null and void!!

Target Sucks, I know it, you probably know it also, but it is easy to look the other way when you are receiving a paycheck from them.

For anybody else reading this I have included below,comments from "help you find something?

1. Written by Help You Find Something?, on 21-01-2009 15:16

targetsucks wrote: "Please send target as many complaints as you can. They are a corporate giant that doesn't care about its customers. By the way, this was my first and last experience with Target, I will never set foot in their stores again. The address to send complaints to is"

If you have vowed to never shop at Target again, why do you want others to join your letter writing campaign? What do you want us to write exactly? That a person "on the internet" wrote a drama about a minor problem with an item exchange, and that person is no longer shopping at Target, even though that person has asked us to write to Target execs? Hmm. You must have lots of free time when your not using your new vacuum cleaner...

Report 2. Written by Help You Find Something?, on 21-01-2009 15:12

targetsucks wrote: "I asked if I could talk to her supervisor and she told me she was the highest up. So I asked her if she was the president of Target..she didn't like that and was completely short with me and told me that all I could do was write a letter to corporate and see what happens..well we know what would happen with that letter..circular file."

You have an attitude that gets in the way of your own success. Why oh why would you think the CEO or President of a publically traded company that has 12,000 retail stores and over 330,000 employees would be in your local store?

You are just asking for the "short" dialog you got! If you had treated the team members at the store with respect, and been clear about what you wanted the first time you would have had a better shopping experience. From your own words Target has gone out of its way to help you, and is probably under water on the sale of the vacuum cleaner in an effort to make you happy.

Report 3. Written by Help You Find Something?, on 21-01-2009 15:05

targetsucks wrote: "I left Target very unsatisfied so I decided to call back. I did and asked for a supervisor that was above the supervisor that I spoke with. I explained the situation to him he told me that he would give me 10% off!!! Question: why was I told that under no circumstances do they give credit in my situation and here is a kid telling me that he would give me 10% off. I asked why that wasn't offered to me when I was in the store. No explanation was given."

The store hierarchy has the LOD as the top manager. To cover the store hours of operation there are several LODs per store. The LOD (and GSTL below him or her) have override judgement to protect Target from Difficult Customers (such as you), and may offer a discount for your trouble which sounds as if it was caused by the store (resell used merchandise).

If you visit the store again you can claim your discount, you do not have to make a special trip, you are just adding to your drama (story). Target stores are located where most people live, if you are so far away from Target you are probably a similar distance from Target's competition and other stores that you use. Either take the generous Target money or don't...

Report 4. Written by Help You Find Something?, on 21-01-2009 14:57

targetsucks wrote: " I said I would like a discount to pay for my traveling expenses for having to drive back to get a new one. I was told under no circumstances would they give me a discount. I asked to see a supervisor and was told the same thing that it is against company policy to pay for traveling expenses."

Once again, you entered into a contract (purchase) and accepted the terms. You can't expect Target (or any sane company) to pay for your error. It is unfortunate that the item was "used", and corrective training will be required in the depatment that stocked the previously used item. What if Target told you that you should pay a restocking fee as you have taken the item out of the store? Target charges 15% on certain items returned for restock.

Report 5. Written by Help You Find Something?, on 21-01-2009 14:50

Targetsucks wrote: "I had them credit my credit card for the return. This is a problem. Why did the sales clerk tell me that she could only give me target gift card instead of saying she could just credit my account."

It would be wise to read the store's return policy before making a fuss. The TM was doing his or her job by offering you a giftcard for a return item that had been used. As you claim the item was used before your purchase you should have asked to speak to the GSTL, and ask for a credit to your original purchase payment method (CC, cash, RedCard,giftcard, etc.).

Its you option to not shop at Target, but how many other stores are you going to "dis" before you do your job as an informed shopper?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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We don't have time for customer bullshitting us so pay and leave the *** out


"I'm very busy." -Your words and your actions do not comply. You are very busy, yet you have time to write long rambling rants about people who are defending their employer on a *** consumer complaints blog. Wow, you must be busy what with that and your daytime soaps.

"I must have plenty of time on my hands" -yeah, you must.

You then go on to research a bunch of things that this guy said, so that you can argue some more. You truly are pathetic.


Wow.. I must say, I've always shopped at Target, and I only had my first bad experience over the fourth of July weekend.

I'm even great friends with a manager at a Target.

But How May I Help You, you're not doing anything good for your company. In fact, you're making them looking REALLY bad..



“F.Y.I It's "CAN I Help you find something"”

Actually, its MAY I Help You Find Something?. This is the phase I use on this discussion board.

IF you have any knowledge of Target Brands policy and training (and I think you do…) you may already know that Target couches all TMs to greet guests with the corporate tagline: “Can I Help You Find Something?”

Firstly, it is obvious that TMs “CAN” help guests. This is self-evident! Secondly, I choose to use a more literal tagline on this board. After all, I MAY help someone or I MAY NOT help someone depending upon their willingness to accept advice. Even those lurking here will quickly see that I am fair and reasonable (even when the complaints are not).

Reread the recent traffic (say for the last six months) and you will soon realize that most posters are here to bash Target for some trivial or inconsequential issue with a store experience. Most of these are a result of the guest not following their role while in a Target store (or at Target.com). Most times they take the position of Target (or it’s TMs) being at fault.

Thanks again for sharing your view and correcting something that was not broken.


F.Y.I It's "CAN I Help you find something"


Roadking wrote "Target *** and so does "help you find something" "

So you came here with your drama and got no sympathy? Now you want to throw stones at another person just because they offer a different view point?

So far you're right. Target is wrong. Help You Find Something equally wrong?

No big deal. I've enjoyed your comments, and I do hope you come back to explain yourself. Expecting you to back down now and admit you're wrong is unlikely, and an apology from you even less likely. Your turn!


Targetsucks wrote "Your unprofessional comments, such as, "I must have plenty of time on my hands", and calling my complaint, "Drama" is exactly what I am talking about."

Of course my comments are "unprofessional"! I'm not compensated to write on this forum. I don't speak for my employer. I have zero authority or power. Hopefully, my school of hard knocks wisdom will make some of the poster here underatand the world does not revolve around them, nor does it own them anything.

If you curious I come here after my shift ends to unwind. This forum reflects how a very very small number of shopper (mis)behave.

At the end of the day the store where I work has "sold their Guests some stuff for some money". Its called retail sales... Duh!

To do this day in and day out and deal with Difficult Customers (like yourself) is an art.


Targetsucks wrote " It was after several contacts with other target employees that I realized that being the nice guy wasn't going to work."

But wait, your next move surely did work, right? You've came here to share your triumph over the evil Target company, and thereby help others?

Nope, you're here to beg for supporting letter writers.

Those of us who may not see the irony in your drama and who may unite to bring you compensation (or at least satisfaction)?

I was hoping we'd see some of that wisdom and expertise your generously

give "businesses that have no clue how to train it's employees in customer service and other aspects of the retail game."

I think we're still waiting...


Targetsucks wrote: "I am very busy, but I make it a point to call out businesses that have no clue how to train it's employees in customer service and other aspects of the retail game."

So that is your business? Training others? You're an expert in "customer service"? You're an expert in "other aspects of the retail game"?

If it is indeed a game you've come up short. Not only did you fail to play your role as customer and get satisfaction, you seem to have pissed off every TM at Target you dialoged with!

This is you demonstrating that you have skills in that area?

I'll bet that you're the "goto" person for help in your own company. Is it something we have heard of? Or, has it been featured in a business journal? Or has it been given awards for excellence? (Please take a monent to list these for us).


Targetsucks wrote: "As a small business owner of about 25 employees."

Hmm. You own a business and don't know how many employees you have?

Either you inflated the number to puff yourself up, or you have others doing the real work. Or, perhaps your employee head count fluctuates as you struggle to keep your staff from fleeing?


Yes, I work at Target. Yes I'm outspoken, but no, I'm not a spokesperson for the company. I'm a lowest grade cashier in a red shirt. I deal with Target Guests everyday, most of whom are polite, thoughtful and enjoy being in Target, and continue to shop there.

The company could not possibly operate so many stores and turn a profit if the staff were not trained well. There are bad apples in every barrel. If you can't see how foolhardy the posters on this forum have been with their unreasoned attempts to get more than their fair share from Target then you might want to spend some time reading their drama stories again.

I'm delighted to be quoted by you, but in all fairness you should also quote the OP remarks in each case.

Did you buy a vacuum cleaner? Have a problem returning it? Also expected to be compensated for your commute the Target store?

AND expect anyone who is as bored as I am reading this forum to actually write a letter to Target HQ on your behalf?

I'm wondering what line of work you're in that you can invest so much time in such an indevour?

Comments Welcome!

Crystal Beach, Florida, United States #50792

Boy, you must have a lot of time on your hands with all this drama.

Could the name of your company be "A**holes R' us"

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #50790

You bore me. I hate you.

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