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There is NOTHING easy at Target, don't try and exchange an item without a receipt, they will not help you. Had a " $5 off next purchase" and it expired a day earlier and they said " can't do anything about it".

I just wanted to leave my *** there and leave. This is the 5th or 6st time I had had a unpleasant experience at Target. So screw them. At least when you shop at WalMart they are easy to deal with, I know they all are Huge corp.

bullies. But what are you going to do, we have no other choice.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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North Aurora, Illinois, United States #622808

So use the coupon when it isn't expired. Seriously getting mad at target for not accepting expired coupons.

There's nothing we can do because it isn't going to be in our system anymore, not only that but the coupons last a long time generally, probably had plenty of time to use it. No remorse here.


We LITERALLY cannot accept expired coupons. an error message shows up on the screen and does not let you proceed. Sorry!


Where is the customer service!! retain customers.

How do you expect to keep your customers, market share, income if you do not take care of the customers standing in front of you!! Word of mouth is everything.

Where are the managers and what kind of training do they have!!

Albany, New York, United States #582420

Actually, you can exchange without a receipt. I recently was given a wedding gift fromthere and could not find the receipt and they issued me store credit.

Don't whine about it if you didn't have the receipt, your own fault.

It was my fault I could not find the receipt and you wouldn't catch me whining if they would return it. Also, your own fault the coupon expired, not theirs.


Be an adult and hang on to your reciept. 5 dollars ? You should be shopping at wal mart if you felt the need to make a complaint on the internet over a 5 dollar coupon


Wouldn't shop at Target on a dare. They are horrible if you have a problem.

Wal-Mart might have its problems, but they don't turn you away after you develop a problem. Shop there and stay away from no service Target.


Target has never been accommodating. There stores are just cleaner then Walmart.


Walmart will give store credit and Walmart doesn't give out coupons that expire in 5 days to trick you into coming into store and realizing it expired. It's a game and I bet tons of people go into target thinking its still good. The expiration date is stamped microscopic.

to Comments false #582985

The expiration date is right at the top. open your *** eyes.


Walmart won't accept an expired coupon either. And it is not unreasonable to expect a receipt with a return. Be mad at yourself since you are to blame for all your problems.


So you expected them to honor a $5.00 off next purchase that expired the day before. Isn't that kind of expecting a lot? Get real.

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