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I received a Crosley 5 in one stereo system for Christmas and the CD player did not work. I went to even exchange it and they told me I could not because it was over $79.99 and they do not even exchange things for over $79.99 I would have to contact the manufacturer which entails me sending them some money.

I do not have the receipt because it was a gift.

The original box even has Target on it so I was not trying to get over I just want one that works. If they don't do something for me I will never shop in Target again and I will recommend that my family and friends do the same.

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So, I work at Target in their guest services, don't hold it against me!

But they should have been able to do the even exchange.

Even if it's over the $70 limit, if it's damaged, they are able to an exchange.

You should try to go to other Targets and see if they can do it. Some employees are better than others and know what they're doing it.


Great "lol". In that case, enjoy yourself.

I don't want to fight with you either.

You've got your thing, and I think you should engage in getting your jollies.

Unlike you, however, I don't think there's a ____ thing funny about Target and the practices they perpetrate against their customers. So, while you are chuckling at all the posters and the problems they encounter at Target, I will be vigilant in warning everyone I possibly can what they can expect when they deal with that corrupt business.


I'm not going to fight with you, Anonymous - I can see that you have some huge vendetta against target. I really don't care.

I'm just on here to laugh at everyone and their complaints, when 90% of the time it's their own fault for their situation. I'd actually like to hear your story on why you hate this store so much.


Sharon, dear - Don't you know what so many have learned with Target? When a product is purchased there, it is incumbant on the purchaser to open ALL the boxes of the product you wish to purchase and find the one that isn't broken or switched.

The GUEST is responsible for ensuring the product quality, not the store! Don't you get any of the Target rules?

The only Target at Target stores is the Target on your back or but*. They don't miss too often and usually you are left smarting without your money or product.

You and your gift giver are supposed to know that BEFORE the purchase, not after it is given or received. Silly duck - don't you know how the long arm of Target industries work yet?

BTW: For "lol"'s edification - "a regurgiation of the 'same trash'" is called truth.

I know you are not familiar with the concept, but look it up. Everyone else on the planet deals in it.


Whoever gave you the gift had the option of giving you the receipt with it. They also have something called a "gift receipt" for these exact circumstances.

Blame the person who gave you a broken CD Player and no way to get it replaced.

Don't blame Target for following their own rules. Rules that were posted in the store, on the receipt, on their website, and at their customer service counter.


Wow, that really hurts, man - cuts deep, right down to the core. That comment was cold, yeah, just plain cold. Ouch. You really got me wounded.

There are plenty of companies that would take back an item that was broken, especially at Christmas time.

Just because Target has ridiculous (o lookie-I used your word)return policies concerning gifts their "guests" receive, doesn't mean any other company does business that way.

Please, hold off on your scathing reviews. Words can cut so deeply and you truly got me with your account of my posts.


Don't know what you expect, Sharonjonestyler - no company is going to take back an $80 item w/o a receipt. Ask whoever gave you the gift if they still have the receipt..

if not, you're out of luck and have to go through the manufacturer.

@Anonymous - your comments are just ridiculous.

You have nothing of value to add to any conversation.. just regurgitating the same trash on every post.


You might as well start the "coconut telegraph" because Target will NEVER honor your gift.

They are simply the worst company ever to engage in a retail business. Customer Service is a non-existent concept at Target.

The reason they call themselves target is because you get one placed on your back as soon as you enter the store and they take shots at how many of its "guests" they can hit!

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but you will not get any satisfaction from that store. Please pass the word about your experience to all your relatives and friends.


So you're really angry at the gift giver for not including a gift receipt? It would be hard to single Target out here.

No store is going to return/exchange an $80 with no receipt. If that policy really bothers you, don't bother shopping anywhere.

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