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Target has the worst return/exchange policy of ANY retail chain.

My son received a video plug and play game for Xmas that I didn't approve of - it had a gun.

We returned it to Target knowing that's where it came from. No gift receipt.

They REFUSED to exchange it or give store credit.

Their website has NO place to file a complaint - probably can't handle the load.

I went 200 yds to a WalMart and presto chango - got a store credit for $43.15 for my son to spend as he wishes.

Target's return policy is archaic and unreasonable. No wonder WalMart is #1. I don't like the way they treat their employees but they sure know how to keep people coming in.

I will write a real paper letter to them and only hope I can find an address to send it to. Doesn't seem like they much care.

My advice - stop going to TARGET.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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