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I purchased a TV from Target about 6 months ago. The TV started to make some buzzing recently, so I contacted the manufacturer to review my options and warranty.

They opened a claim and asked me to get them a copy of the reciept. I dug through my information, however, I was not able to find it. I contacted the local Target store where I bought the item and they said to find out what day I purchased the item and they would be able to print a paper receipt on regular paper that the manufacturer can use. She indicated that the manufacturer will take these receipts for warranty work.

Later that week, I stopped into the local Target store and was told they can only go back 90 days. The person there gave me the 800 Customer Service number, which I called. The jist of the conversation was that once the transaction at the store is completed the receipts are sealed and there is "NO WAY" to get a duplicate receipt or a copy of the transaction that will satisfy what the manufacturer will accept. I do understand that it is my responsibility to keep the receipt and shame on me for intentionally losing it.

However, I can go to many other local chain stores and get receipts for up to 2 years after my transaction, like Menards (Hardware/lumber store). I even called our local Walmart and they said they could as well if we knew the exact date I purchased the item, which I do have. In any sense the canned responses I received from the Customer Service area was not very customer oriented.

For a company as large as Target, I have a hard time understanding how they could not help in this type of situation. I am sure this topic has come up before.

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All these stores has poor customer service.Even I have a Target receipt from 4 years which is somewhat faded but you can still see the serial #,price,product & date.And Apple is still not accepting the receipt along with my bank statement.So these companies are full of doodle!


I did not need to read any further than "I COULD NOT FIND MY RECEIPT".

Just because I can scratch my nose with my toe does not mean anyone else can, or will.

to LadyScot #1492833

not helpful


If you have paid for the TV through a Master / Visa card than it is so easy to find, check your statement and get the date of your purchase from there. it is acceptable at target and other major retailers to claim a warranty. and also in future when purchase something take a photo or scan and e mail to you e mail id in this way you will never lose your receipt.


Here's the point. It's ridiculously easy and cheap for a company to store the data from old business transactions, even for a company as large as Target.

Wal-Mart is a company that successfully does so. It comes down to efficient accounting on the side of the business and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We're talking plain text here, which has a file-size of virtually nothing. This data is converted into a "receipt" image afterwards.

It would cost *next to nothing* for Target to keep that data.

Have you looked up how cheap hard-drives are nowadays?

You can buy a 4 TB hard-drive for $100. You could download ALL OF WIKIPEDIA and it would fill up 42 GB, or 1 PERCENT (1 dollar's worth) of that hard-drive.

Understand technology Target!!!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #843688

I am having a similar experience. I purchased one of the popular exercise bracelets 2 months ago and didn't bother saving the receipt (doh!).

Now I have a warranty issue and Target assured me they can pull the receipt using my Redcard account. At the store, this requires the assistance of an "LOD" (manager) but so far we haven't been able to locate the receipt.

We'll keep trying. It always seems like you just have to eventually find the right person who really knows what they are doing...


Obviously the person responding an hour ago has no idea what good customer service is about. Probably works for Target and trying to make sure they don't go out of business so he/she looses her minimum wage job.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #819540

No, that poster was correct. Be responsible and keep your receipt.

That is not the store's responsibility, it is the customer's. Typical human response, let's blame everyone but ourselves even when it's obvious we are the ones at fault.

to MattD78 #819560

Nice try. Not choosing Target is a choice of the customer and obviously from first quarter results, the customers have chosen. lol :$

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #820450

No they do have a good point, that does not mean they work at Target, why do people assume that someone works for a company if they tell the OP off, most stores are getting stricter about receipts.

to Anonymous #820452

My guess is that you are a child. Only a child would ASSume that because a person is telling the customer to be more responsible about their receipt that they work for Target.

Only a child would blame a company because they lost their receipt. I agree with Mike here, that people are not accepting personal responsibility these days and if you and some of the other posters are over the age of seven I feel bad for our next generation. It is just going to get worse with people not taking personal responsibility for their actions. Yeah this is probably not good customer service, but what about doing the adult thing and taking responsibility for your losing the receipt.

This is just a consequence of losing the receipt.

When you are older and more mature you will learn that your actions have consequences. Accepting blame is being outdated, blaming others for your actions is becoming more trendy with these children.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1023450

Telling them the truth about responsibility does not mean they work for Target. Also learn to spell before bashing others. Learn the difference between lose and loose.


It seems like the OP and some of the repliers are six years old. You lost the receipt, so you are responsible for losing the receipt.

Next time you make an expensive purchase give the receipt to a parent to hold on to in case something goes wrong with the product you bought.

Mel, yeah people lose receipts, but the point is these people are acting like they are still in first grade and blaming Target, not taking any responsibility themselves. Abbey why should Target or any company have to go back because the child that bought the item did not give the receipt to a parent right away?

Why should they hold up the rest of the people in line because some irresponsible six year old lost his receipt? Frustrated Target Customer this is not a scam, ask your parents for definition of scam before making a fool of yourself online.

The reason you are stuck with non working items is because you did not give your receipt to a responsible adult in the first place and you are too young to be responsible for your receipts.

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #819441

Don't buy s hit from these idiots! Target blows!

Clarksburg, Maryland, United States #819020

Same thing happened to me. Those cashier receipts are so small that you can loose them in the blink of an eye.

I have a TV that needs repair even though I only had it for 7 months. It is a Samsung ( worst brand). I could not get a duplicate receipt either.


to TIMO #893850

Target receipts are no smaller than a dollar bill. Do you have trouble remembering where you keep your money?

It seems as though you have difficulty accepting responsibility for your own mistakes. Maybe you will learn a lesson from this experience.

to Anonymous #1075133

*** you your a *** just trolling people get a life

to Anonymous #1133970

You seem to be mistaking reading something that you don't want to read as "trolling" Just because someone does not see things your way does not mean they are "trolling". How are they trolling, they made a valid point?

Lakeland, Florida, United States #799520

Love all the people screaming about irresponsibility. I tried to get a duplicate receipt today for a purchase I made 9 months ago, which included the extended warranty.

I do not have my original receipt, it was lost when my home burned down from wildfires. Target said they cannot give me a duplicate receipt after 90 days. Extended warranty not usable without receipt. Very unfortunate that Target is not willing to assist customers.

I am taking my item in for repair and will have to pay for the repair anyway.

Sure glad I purchased the plan which is good for another 15 months, that I will never be able to use. Nice SCAM!

Thanks Target!

to Frustrated Former Customer Titusville, Florida, United States #799763

It's not a scam and not Target's fault the receipt was destroyed. It's not your fault either, but don't go blaming Target.

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