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Went to a Target located in central Minnesota and was planning on using coupons for the shopping trip. My coupons were for the following items:

~Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste (0.99/ea.)

~Benadryl Anti-Itch Sticks (2.29/ea.)

~Oral-B Floss (0.97/ea.)


~Sensodyne (0.75 off ANY sensodyne toothpaste; limit one per purchase)

~Benadryl Sticks ($2.00 off ANY Benadryl Product)

~Oral-B Floss ($1.00 off ANY ORAL-B floss; 1 per purchase; 4 per transaction)

So basically, I would be paying:

($0.24 per Sensodyne toothpaste)

($0.29 per Benardyl Stick)

($0.00 per Floss)

I am also a Team Member, so I am well aware how coupons work!

When I got to the register, the cashier rang everything through and the tab totaled a whopping $104.00!

I was planning on purchasing 17 sensodyne toothpastes, 20 flosses (I had put the other 16 flosses on four different transactions so it would not violate P&G's coupon redemption policy), and about 8 of the benadryl sticks.

As soon as the first transaction was complete, I handed her the coupons (i.e. 17 sensodynes; 4 Oral-B Floss, and 8ish benadryl coupons).

As soon as she saw these, she said, "Ohhh... I can only accept ONE COUPON for each item and then you'll have to pay full price for everything else."

I immediately stated that on each of the coupons it says, "one per purchase" and that simply means that for every item that is purchased in a TRANSACTION, I can use one coupon! I agree that if a coupon says one per transaction it means one item, one coupon, pay, that's it.

I called over the GSTL (Guest Service Team Lead) and she stated that Target's policy was one Coupon per Item, Per Transaction, per Person, Per Day!

I told them point blank that this is an absolutely ridiculous policy and that they are misinterpreting the policy and terms! After much discussion, I asked to see the LOD (lead on duty), and she was under the same impression.

The main reason I was deeply disappointed with this trip was how rude the other team members were! I then asked the ETL where this policy is being displayed in the store... Silence... This so-called "policy" was at one person's disgression (but was wrong!)

Also, the floss coupons expired today, so they are OFFICIALLY USELESS yay

Once again, I am a Team Member and have never been treated in such a way! I have only had a handful of other issues with coupons. The main issues with many of the stores is the TOTAL LACK OF PROPER TRAINING!

Each person interprets it differently, but each person should (and MUST) follow a corporate policy.

Hopefully this does not happen to an extreme couponer (such as yours truly)!

I am hoping to contact the STL in regards to this issues.

If you know the complaint line or another means of resolving this issue, please post!

Thanks so much!

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congratulations, couponer, you are committing illegal fraudulent acts.


okay, I get it now. You are totally bogus.

And what is the point of all this?

You post fake complaints on the internet because you are bored and don't have a life? Good luck with that...


Stealing coupons from target and its customers? you should be fired.

What the heck are you going to do with that much *** that you buy, anyway?


Target recently changed their coupon policy to curb extreme couponers like yourself. I think it's great because I don't have to stand behind people like you for 20 minutes while the cashier scans your coupons. Plus I'm sure the cashier appreciates the new policy because it no longer takes them a half hour to help one customer.


You obviously have no idea how coupons work. What part of "one per transaction" do you not comprehend?

What I am curious about is how did you come into possession of 17(!)coupons for sensodyne? Your gross misuse of coupons is eventually going to lead to stricter policies thus ruining it for the rest of us who try to use coupons the correct way.



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