Hi all.

Maybe you might wonder why the title of my complain.I am used to work at the Target store in Cedar Park and I want to explain something to you to make you understand some of the behavior of some of the Team members Towards customers.

I do not justify poor service but perhaps may make it easier for you to understand.

In this Target in Cedar Park, TX in particular we have a woman as the manager of the store her name is KIM, the woman who has no tiniest trace of compassion or consideration for any employee, as soon as she crosses the door all Following is terror especially for the poor full member working in Flow Team 4:00 AM that is the people behind the beautiful store every day you see these poor people who unload the trucks and put the goods on the shelves are treated as less than human beings.

As soon as this woman comes and walks through the store all You can hear is silence people know they can not even open his mouth to speak people are afraid of her, if something she does not like she starts screaming at everyone and sometimes comes and draws a person in front of the group to threat in front of everyone Of course the meetings are nothing but a monologue of this famous manager because no one dares say a word without the danger of having a miserable day.

As you can see store Target is very good advertising the store is very clean and pretty, they invest in image but do not invest in educating and train managers in the management of the authority and try to have a friendly and respectful place to work for everyone.

Of course this reflects in unhappy employees and unhappy Team members reflected in unhappy customers unhappy customers reflect lower sales at least at this particular store. Is a vicious circle created by a specific person who unfortunately is in charge of that place.

Do not know if the general policy of Target stores is unhappy employees do not know if these things happen in all Target stores.

I hope to god that someone up there sees this and do something about it.

When I was an employee of Target can not do anything for my co-workers or for myself but it's a reality that employees with low wages and poor treatment will never make a company's most successful.

Have a nice day

Review about: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.


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