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I took my two kids to Target store at Woburn MA shopping for last minute school supplies. When my older son went to look for his school supply, I was trying different wrist braces for my carpal tunnel issue.

The security guy was standing by me all the time just 2 meters away monitoring me. After I checked out, he followed us to the exit and demanded receipt. After he saw the receipt, he even asked if my son has paid for the old composition notebook which my son has brought to the store with handwritten school supply list!! After checking everything, he left without a word, not even a "Thank you"!

We were treated like a thief!! I was really pissed off and called the store manager after I came home.

She did apologize for it but I hope the security guy should apologize for his rudeness. Anyway, I think Target lost another customer.

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You, ma'am, are the perfect definition of "1st world problems".

He was trying to do his job. Maybe not in the best way, but he was trying. Kids pick things up without parents realizing all of the time! He wasn't implying anything, he wasn't being rude, he just made a mistake.


You got your apology FROM THE STORE MANAGER. She is HIGHER than the security guard and she represents him. Do you honestly expect her to find him (if he's working at that time) and force him to apologize over the phone to some whiny woman?

Actually, you would probably just complain that they took too long to answer your call.

Find some real problems to deal with.


I work in Loss Prevention and in every retail store there are steps you have to follow before you stop some for shoplifting. Clearly the person who stopped you doesn't know how to do his job!

He would have already known whether or not you had a receipt and would not have questioned you but instead would have apprehended you.

What happened to you is called a bad stop and you have every right to contact their corporate asset protection dept. and make them aware that their employee needs some retraining ASAP.


@ Joan, you were hired by Target, your opinions are biased because of your affiliation with them. Are you still hired by them?

It is one thing for us as adults to be "jacked around" at Target, but come on, when they mess with our children, it's time to find a new store.
An apology to you was in order, but our children deserve the same consideration, too.

If the security guard wasn't made to apologize to him, how is that reasonable treatment to Target's customers, large or small? :sigh
I suggest that you change your shopping venue to one more customer friendly.

No way would I let my child see himself or me treated in this fashion if we did nothing more wrong than to shop at their stores! :(

I think you are expecting an awful lot. The manager did apologize.

I used to work in a Target store and I know how they determine whether or not somebody might have shop lifted. Anytime I was in the store, I was never aware of any signals going off, but then on the other hand I worked in the stock room. As far as your son bringing an old notebook in, why didn't he just tear out the page that he had his list written out on. That would have been the logical thing to do.

The job of the security guard is to check for shoplifting. It isn't a real big thing, as long as you weren't actually detained.

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