I tried to return 3 brand new ipods shuffles (in package and sealed) with the receipt to Target. We bought these and multiple other Target Gift cards for my small business as prizes to our loyal customers. It had been over 90 days (4 months to be sure) since I purchased the items and these were left over prizes.

Since it had been 90 days, there was nothing TARGET could do. It had several years since I had returned anything to Target and I remember that if it was new/unopened/unsealed with a receipt then they would at least consider store credit.

I spoke to 3 people including their customer help line and again "NOTHING WE CAN DO". The return policy in the store and on the receipt should state "ALL SALES FINAL after 90 days" or "NO RETURN OR EXCHANGES AFTER 90 days".

I have worked in retail and understand that there are rules in place for a reason, but after this incident, I will NEVER SHOP AT TARGET again. The company will not crumble over a $138 return policy incident. But why should I give them my business any further?

Monetary Loss: $132.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - Just a warning. My screen name of Narc you out has been stolen and someone is posting lies under that name on the site PissedConsumer.com.

As of 9/2/11, I shall not post as Narc you out anymore, but rather as anonymous, much like the little thief who stole my user name.

I shall still warn people about the unscrupulous treatment one receives at the hands of Target's customer service department and their corporate offices. The only difference will be that these uh, let's call them "Target friendly" (and not Target employees) will be stabbing in the dark with whom they are aruging.


I am encouraged with the amount of complaints posted against Target. Hopefully, it will not take much longer to cripple their money flow.

I'm sure customer service would improve then. Tell everyone you can about your experiences.

Write complaints so that others can see how customers are being treated/mistreated at Target. Enough of us can affect their back pocket.


What part of "a receipt dated within 90 days is required for all returns and exchanges" don't you understand? It's printed in plain english on the back of every receipt.

The fact that the IPODS are sealed irrelevant. Only an overly delicate/narrow-minded person would find this "unfair". As a Target Manager in C.A. I can tell you that no Target employee will loose any sleep over you not shopping there anymore.

Target is a corporation hence when you leave (regardless of how much money you use to spend with us) many others join so you will not be missed. Point being, having you as a customer or not will not affect our market share.

Have a great day/night! :-)


Narc, why haven't you got me banned yet? Is it because you don't know as much as you think you do? Retard.


Simon -

(says - that's probably one of your problems right there ...),

You'll probably get your check right after Target rectifies it's policy about dishonest and unfair practices for handling consumer complaints. Hold your breath along with the rest of us that have been victimized by this one sided institution.

If you "don't care what eight year olds think", why do you continue with your own juvenile antics running good people down who have been harmed by Target and want to publish those facts on a site designed to warn the rest of us with their experiences? If it isn't monetary, then what is your possible motive? Why do you curse complaintants for relating personal experiences and call them liars? Who made you the decider of truth and lies?


If I'm on Target's payroll, I want my check. You just keep on thinking whatever you want. I don't care what 8 year olds think.


Simple Simon,

I AM sorry that my tattling didn't remove your comments from this site. If I run across that again, I'll be back in touch with the administrator, and hope their policy is two-strikes-and-you're-out.

Not much into hot chocolate, but think it would help you considerably. I am most contented following your postings as long as you're on Target's payroll and spewing excuses for their despicable practices.


Sorry narc, it seems your tattling has failed again. Maybe if you tell your mom she will make you a cup of hot chocolate and let you have a good cry about it.

If you don't like what I write, don't read it. Simple.



My goodness. Such a nasty reply.

I neither choose to go*** myself nor am I a retard.

I do, however, wish to report this posting to the administrator of this program. I hope this is the last we all hear from you.


90 days is ample time to determine whether or not you want an item. Indeed 90 days is a very liberal return policy.

Although in your case the it would have only been $138 however apply that to every person who doesn't think return policies should apply to them and the company would be losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually in merchandise that is no longer saleable.

And iPod which has been sold for 4 months is no longer saleable. Apple warranty begins at the point of sale, not upon registration so had they have resold those ipods the next person would not have a full warranty.


I have to be a Target employee because I find 90 days plenty of time to figure out if you want to keep an item? You are a retard.

Hey narc you out, GO *** YOURSELF F A G G O T!!!


It clearly states on the back of the receipt in bold writing, "A receipt dated within 90 days is required for ALL returns & exchanges. ID may be required."


They could at least give him a store credit for the current selling price.

Say if he bought them for $50 a pop 90 days ago, but they are currently selling for $40, they should give him a store credit for the current purchase price.

Also, have you tried to return them WITHOUT the receipt and see what they said?


90 days is 90 days, not 120 days.



Are you a stock holder in Target or do you work for their corporate offices?

Why are you so defensive about people's complaints about their experiences at any Target store?


The longest return policy of any of the major retailers except for Costco isn't long enough for you? How long would you like it to be?

10 years? Get real!

You should give up shopping altogether if 90 days isn't long enough for you to figure out if you want to keep an item.


Hate to burst your bubble of entitlement, but most retailers have similar return policies and will not "crumble." How can you honestly say you "understand that there are rules are in place for a reason" but then say you won't shop at Target because they enforce the rule? Is it because the rules are for everyone else, but you are special?

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