I bought a purse at Target, online & decided to send it back. I couldn't get my computer to print out the return label by clicking on their print method so had to go to the tool bar & print it off that way.

I sent the purse back with this label on it but they keep telling me they have no record of it so I'm just out $42!!! That may not be a lot to them but it is to me as I'm retired. It wasn't my fault their site was faulty but I do admit I didn't write down a tracking number. I just figured if it was THEIR label, I would get credited for it.

So now they've got the purse & my $40.

Will never buy from them again. I know they could care less as I'm just 1 person but thought I would warn anybody else that prints the label this way.


Monetary Loss: $42.

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I think you were correct. They got the purse and your $40.


Target use UPS for return. But the tracking number on the UPS label is never valid, so you can't track it and there is no way for you to know your return item arrived or not.

This is not an ethical way of doing business.

I would never place order on target on-line again. Their system sucks!


Look at it as a donation to Gregg Steinhafel, Target Corp. chairman, president, CEO

Total compensation: $23,472,082 for the year ended Jan. 31, 2013 He needs it more then you do


If they never got it back, the problem is you not them. Simple


I'm retired too, and I have never in my life spent that much on a purse.

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