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I went to target to do a household product return & was told by the Customer Service Rep that can not return it with my credit card look up. He stated they now have new return policy "any returns with household product/make-up will require the recp't only".

He also stated will you have a lot of HH product therefore you must have used coupon & that is coupon fraud we can not return it. I have 2 items & was pissed he even dear to say i am doing couponing fraud! Since when was a return with hh items a coupon fraud! Also what is a coupon fraud?

Give me a break down. *** customer service rep!

i then req for a mgr, mgr will not speak to me but told the rep to go ahead and do the return. this target is F ***.

*****this target is not going by their return policy/promise***** therefore will be hearing from their president's office since i will be completing a BBB report!

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I don't care who you are. That there English comment is funny!!


This is an English speaking website, please resubmit your complaint in English this time. Thanks.

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