I grabbed wrong coffee by accident, wanted ground rather than whole bean. I asked it I could run back. Some Black Target worker shuffled up and asked the checker, not me, quote "what she want? " I said I was so sorry thanks a lot, she ignored me and shuffled off SLOWLY. She never came back!!! I was asked if I could just move on so the checker could get the next customer. So that is what I did went next door to the Fresh Choice and bought my stuff...........They must not be too worried about the Walmart and Fresh Choice that are so close by to employ such a surly minimum wage worker. I will choose those places before going back to that ghetto store

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the fact that you make a rasicits comment makes me not like you already, what the heck you mean "A Black Target Worker" Wow, you do know we have a black predisent running the world now, so grow the F up already, that *** is getting, no that *** has Gotten old already, it isnt about the color baby, its about the brain , oh thats something you dont know about.


I know why you accidentally picked up the wrong coffee. If your reading skills are as poor as your writing skills it is very easy to make this mistake.

However why should the other customer be punished and have to wait just because you don't know how to read the labels before taking the coffee to the checkouts. If it were you behind an illiterate person you would be complaining about how they made you wait until they corrected the illiterate crackhead's mistake before helping you. They can't expect the other customer to wait for your mistake.

Why did you not run back to get the coffee you wanted. I am sure that there were shoppers who were at least five years old who could have helped you read and find what you wanted.


so.. why didn't you go get the coffee?

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