Told a short,red haired, caucasian,male security guy that he was unprofessional and amateur. Have observed this insecure little punk for a long time.

I have a long law/security background and know how to treat people with respect. My family has shopped at this store since it's opening. We are all law abiding citizens with no history of shoplifting. Since I told this punk what a loser he was, he now has a hard on(if he has a ***) for my entire family.

He has also recruited a skinny young security employee who is in uniform to assist him in implementing his agenda.

She appears to be a mindless and inexperienced follower. Anybody else had trouble with these two?

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Well, seeing as how this guy/girl that posted the initial complaint HASN'T responded.... I think it's safe to assume the initial post is in fact BS.

Thank you all for your support in questioning this BSer, and requesting hard fact. :) Have a nice day!

Ssooooo..... When did you tell me off?

Because I don't remember that, and generally that would be a big deal... And yeah, if I'm going to spend my time watching you, you did something to catch my attention. I also think you have an unhealthy obsession with my hard on. As for my insecurities, when it comes to my job, I have none.

I have a military background, and I know what i'm doing, sooooo....yeah. You're an ***.


Wow, you didn't tell him off. Since that is my husband that your talking about, I would know if you told him off.

He doesn't remember you and trust me, he wouldn't be around you unless you were trying to shoplift. Maybe you should teach your family not to shoplift before getting all pissed about security at stores.

FYI, yeah, you don't deserve to know about his hard on. Also, if you knew about law and security, you would respect his attention to detail, not get all psycho about his ***.


wow.. you really have some serious problems.


IHateStupidCustomers - my law enforcement experience comes from a ten year sentence in pound-me-in-the-*** federal prison when I did time for running a counterfeit purse operation. I learned respect after I was traded for cigarettes and slim jims while in the slammer.

I was just mad that he wouldn't give me a strip search. I haven't had a good strip search since leaving the joint.


"We are all law abiding citizens with no history of shoplifting?.

That sound more like a question than a statement. I would think that someone who has a degree in law would know the difference between a question and a statement. They teach you this in first grade.

Also telling someone they are a loser and unprofessional is not respect.

I think you are angry because you tried to steal and you knew he was on to you.


haha what's your security background? a traffic cop?

or did you think you were one when you did construction and had to direct traffic through a construction zone? you didn't really tell us anything unprofessional about him, you just showed us how weird you are.

and you pretty much sound like you're stalking this guy. so I think you have a hard on for him.


"I have a long law/security background and know how to treat people with respect."

"Since I told this punk what a loser he was, he now has a hard on(if he has a ***)"

Yep, you sure know how to treat people with respect.


Just curious as to the circumstance that made you feel it necessary to tell him he was unprofessional in the first place.

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