Target store in connecticut on broad street; ripped me off for a 39 dollar optical mouse and 8 dollar item;how?by not putting it in the bag;when i got home i realized it wasn;t in the bag Target assured me i would receive my item and told me over the phone they have this happen frequently;well when i went back not only did they not give me my items;;but told me they could not show me evidence on their camera;of item not put in my bag when i suggested it .i contacted target district office;and better buisness bureau by mail and got no response from them either;i hope a sting operation is set up to catch this target store ripping off customers;

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That's weird, because I had that happen to me once in a Target, but it was quickly resolved. Bought a purse, it was on the receipt, but it was nowhere in my car when I got home.

I wondered if I had dropped it on the way out of the store. I went in and inquired about lost/found items. I explained what happened, I had my receipt, and with the info on the receipt the security pulled up footage from the register in less than 5 minutes, saw that the cashier did not put my item in my bags, and immediately refunded me.

It was so easy and I was very pleased! So i wonder why they wouldn't look up the security footage for you?


Uh, duhhh.... She is trying to warn about a potential rip off at the cash registers.


here in America, BEWARE BEWARE is usually a call to caution people of a potential problem and to BE CAREFUL and observant. THAT would be her point.



Yeah, exactly!

So what's your point?


u guys r a**holes, this happened to me twice, not because i wasn't paying attention, but because 1.one time i had over $200 in shopping and am not looking inside each bag as they put it in my cart (u know u do not do that either!) and 2. i had only 3 items, which should have all been placed in one bag, but when i got home, only 2 items were in the bag......yeah explain that.

the first incident happened 5 years ago and the second today. with the new bagging system on the spinner, often they forget to put your stuff in the bag that they are giving to you. this also happens at walmart, be very careful, and i guess we have to watch them with each bag and pick them up as they go, because if you leave your bag, they just put the items back on the shelf. and when you go back with your receipt and tell them, you are out of luck, they have no idea what happened.

i truly believe this is a scam because they know many consumers do not check or pay attention. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #65992

You are all so *** with your childish comments.This can happen to anyone. I had it happen to me and the store was very good about it and gave me my merchandise.

Target should be held accountable for this. I will defintly be watching them when I shop there.The cashiers are stealing from the customers

Schwabach, Bayern, Germany #27315

try payingattention when your checking out, what else do you have todo, put your cell phone away for 2 minutes, your not that important.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26496

Well it is your responsibility to check that you got everything before you went home. Usually they ask for ID though and a receipt to prove the item is yours.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26488

Well perhaps you should go shopping with a parent or another adult so they can make sure that you leave with everything you bought before you go home.

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