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I'm an Indian student doing my Phd in USA. My experience shopping in Target (Hawley Lane Mall) was appalling.

On July 20th, I was shopping for some essentials and had some time before the next bus departed.

After quickly gathering a gallon of milk and other stuff from all corners of the shop I headed to the Mens apparel section.

As I did not want to lug around the basket, I kept it next to me on the floor while selecting some jeans.

Apparently the dimwit monitoring the security cam thought I was a threat and had some staff sent to my location.

There, this lady/staff was checking me out from a distance while I'm shopping (I was the only one in the Mens section at that time and could clearly hear

the speaker phone blaring about an emergency security alert in the men's section).

No one approached me or asked if it was my basket. (It should have been

pretty clear as I was the only one standing there).

Then while I was in the fitting room trying on my clothes - the staff decided to reshelf all my stuff including my coffee roll from Dunkin Donuts which was

in the basket. On my return I was astonished to see my shopping basket missing. Upon enquiry the same lady/staff informed me that all the stuff had been

reshelfed and that I would have to go get them again. As I was pressed for time I had to redo my shopping and also found my coffee roll had been opened and

pawed by the same dimwits who work in Target.

All they had to do was to be a little courteous and ask me if it was my shopping basket or atleast inform me to take it with me.

I guess this sort of things are to be expected when you hire low IQ morons for $10/hour pay.

To conclude - I'm never going to shop in that store again and would advise other shoppers to avoid such a bad experience.

(Maybe things would have been different if I was a white...)



Monetary Loss: $40.

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Thank you for calling your helpline I am Sudeep how may I help you?

I am thanking you lovely for your wonderfully review of a clearly racist disgustingly company. All praise the great and wise Ganesh for our wonderful patience in matters like these disgustingly low IQ dimwits that do not understand the beautiful culture we have in India. Dimwits in Hindi mean peace. Low IQ means peacefully wonderful beautiful Indian people. All praise Ganesh and disgustingly painfully death to those who do not.

So please you dimwits with a low IQ do not blame the Indian people for this misunderstanding. It is not our fault you have no culture in this wonderfully spacious perfect country you have here today.

Now if you wonderfully upgrade your level of support I can transfer you to a man who can perfectly solve your problem.

Thank you call again!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #167164

Maybe the lady was checking you out because she thought you were hot? Why does someone need to tell you to take your basket with you, you are not a child. You said the basket was by your feet, so would you not see the basket if they were taking it, or do you still need mommy and daddy to speak for you.


Quote=” Prad”

“I'm an Indian student doing my Phd in USA.”

Relevant info how, exactly?

Quote=” Prad”

“There, this lady/staff was checking me out from a distance while I'm shopping (I was the only one in the Mens (sic) section at that time and could clearly hear the speaker phone blaring about an emergency security alert in the men's section).”

I doubt you were in a Target store. This is not the correct procedure and Target doesn’t have “speaker phones”. All guests are subject to observation for obvious reasons, all suspicious activity is noted and may lead to further action. TMs are trained to watch for certain activity and TPS (Target Protective Service) TMs have a second walkie on a private channel. Defeated theft attempts usually result in merchandise being moved from one area to another, and what might appeal to be a quiet corner (in menswear for example) is monitored by CCTV and personal observers. A typical Target store is likely to loose one million dollars annually in theft and shrinkage. What would you differently?

“Then while I was in the fitting room trying on my clothes - the staff decided to reshelf all my stuff including my coffee roll from Dunkin Donuts”

Unfortunate! Had you checked in with the TM located near the fitting rooms you could have asked them to watch your belongings for you.

You sound like the type of person that would spend time complaining on a site like...

If you ban yourself from Target you will not be missed.

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Carina Heights, Queensland, Australia #166974

After reading your review a second time, I would also find it offensive that you assume everyone who works in retail is a low-IQ dimwit.Just because you're a Doctoral candidate, does not make you any better than anyone who works in customer service.

I would warn you that a lot of the "dimwits" you meet in the retail setting are working their way through school.

Others are part-time workers who may actually be more intelligent than you.And the majority of the workers are high school or college students and are not old enough for you to judge that.


I find your review difficult to believe, because Target doesn't "blare" security issues over the loudspeaker. And when the team members do speak about security issues, it's in code.

If you left your hand basket on the ground while you went into the fitting rooms and a team member found it, then yes, it would be reshopped. Most of the time, a shopper would tell the fitting room attendent that they want to put the basket off to the side, and the attendent will put it behind or near the counter. It's not their responsibility to find someone who has abandoned their basket, if they're not in the immediate vicinity. They like to keep the stores clean, which I happen to appreciate.

I really despise reviews that bring race into question when there's no proof that that's the case. The Targets I've seen (in CT, by the way) are always diverse and on many occassions, specifically Indian.

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