On 2 different dates target stores had unauthorized charges in the amount of 393.00 to my bank account. this caused me to have a total of 4 overdraft fees of 34.00 charged to my account.

It caused my mortgage check to bounce. It caused me to be totally humiliated at a restaurant when my payment for dinner did not go through.

I had to wait at the restaurant while my wife went home to take money out of our son's piggy bank to pay our bill. of course my wife blamed me and this led to a huge fight...I have contacted target 2 times, and both times have been hung up on while on hold having to listen to Indian music...DO NOT EVER USE THE TARGET REDCARD the 5% discount is not worth this...I am contacting an attorney today

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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You didn't have more than 393 in your bank account? What are you like 16? :cry

Interesting. I believe the person posting and don't believe in the commentor's response. I wonder if there's more to this story?


I have had the Target Red Card-Visa for several years and have never had a problem. The one time I had to contact Target customer service about a mistake I had made on a payment, I wasn''t on hold at all, spoke with a woman that spoke perfect English, with no sign of an accent.

The incident was resolved in a matter of 10 minutes, to my satisfaction. Could there be more to this story than you are saying?

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