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I went into Target store, Santa Rosa, CA and purchased over $100 of products.Woman clerk with bad attitude checked me out.

I asked her to review prices of some items. She became angry. I had to write a check for the purchases. She got even more angry and checked out the customer behind me because I wasn't "fast enough" in writing my check.

So she checked out the next customer before she finished business with me. Then the customer she checked out wanted me to move out of the way so he could get by. I refused and told him he had to wait his turn one way or another. I called for the manager, who was no more than a boy, and complained about his clerk's attitude and behavior.

I was so outraged that I walked out without my purchases. The manager followed me out with them. I told him what I thought of a store that would hire someone with such a nasty attitude.

I won't shop there again.There are too many other stores close enough to what Target is to shop at and not be so rudely treated.

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“Target Stores use to provide great customer service, but now it's so bad and low-class”

Retail has changed quite a bit thanks to the alternatives of on-line shopping and the “unification” of corporate brands across the nation. When organizations operate on that scale there are unique challenges. The logistics of managing 1699 stores, and employing over one third of a million people, as is the case for Target, dominate.

A lot of the perceived lowering of customer service is a direct result of staff reductions, which in turn are caused by aggressive overhead budgets (not enough hours to put a full team on the sales floor, and combining departments, such as Guest Services and Photo).

The margins in retail are always razor thin, as it just doesn’t deliver much end user value-add. Compare a professional service, for example. A family physician’s office can bill several hundred dollars an hour for service, but a retail TM is lucky to make one tenth of that. This will not change regardless of whose corporate logo is on the building!

Walmart did a great service to the public by changing the business model of the small town proprietorship, and effectively bringing big city choices to rural America. The problem is that to feed the beast Walmart had to expand and enter the suburbs, and in doing so they created low price expectations for the general public. Through competition this lowered the margins for all retailers (including Target), and many strong brands have ceased operations or have been bought out.

Walmart stores are filled with the low income masses. Spend a few minutes on a website called “People of Walmart” (POWM) and you’ll get the picture!


“I won't shop at any of their locations! I'm very happy to spend my money at Walmart now!”

And I’m sure Walmart is happy to take your money. You probably can’t afford high end retail, and the subtle differentiation in merchandize and the retail environment at all Target stores are lost on you. You will not be missed at Target!


Target Stores use to provide great customer service, but now it's so bad and low-class I won't shop at any of their locations! I'm very happy to spend my money at Walmart now!



“Let me guess you work at Target?”

Already asked and answered. And you point is what exactly?


Looks like another lying sack of taters to me.Kinda hard to check out the next person if the current customer hasn't paid for their purchase and cleared the register.

If any of this was true then this person should be pleased that the customer behind her ended up paying for her purchase too.

Try a little harder next time hon - this BS wasn't quite believable - plus you forgot to say something about the clerk being rude to your 5 year old - everyone uses that now.:cry

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #149075

Oh I thought it was

"You and Target sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.:D

Let me guess you work at Target?


Quote =”Irish”

“Okay, first of all "May I ask you something," you seem to have a sexual fetish with Target.”

Sorry to disappoint you, my relationship with Target is purely financial. I give “half a day’s work for half a day’s pay”. Nothing more…

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148650

Okay, first of all "May I ask you something," you seem to have a sexual fetish with Target. Enough said, second this person is obviously acting six.



“She does not have debit, probably because of her age. (most likely 6)”

How did you know this fact? Your credibility is at risk if you post unbelievable comments…

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #147147

Well hurry up and write your check faster, I would hate to wait because of some slowpoke. If they had not helped her than she would be complaining to them.

She does not have debit, probably because of her age. (most likely 6) You have to be 16 to have a debit card.


Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“this is to "may I help you find something"..............”

That would be me!

Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“I have been reading your replies to everyone's posts about target for awhile now”


Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“figure you are a corporate nazi on the hunt for target haters.”

Then you would be completely wrong. Wow, you played the ‘Nazi’ card…

Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“When you don't like what someone says you are quick with the "target appropriate responses and lingo" except really dropped the ball.”

I speak clearly and take pride in accuracy. If you find an error or hold a different opinion we can discuss it like adults (and please drop the ‘Nazi’ insults – I’ll let the first one slip but it doesn’t help your credibility at all).

Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“Maybe this person didn't have anything BUT a checkbook on them and had NO other payment option available.”

Well, if they have a bank account they can always cash a check and pay Target with it!

Doing so would help everyone in the store by speeding up the check lanes. If they can’t get cash then they probably can’t cover a check either. The only downside would be proof of purchase if they needed to return an item to Target. That’s easily solved by keeping the receipt from the original purchase.

Quote= ”noneya bizniss”

“Target should NEVER be happy to lose $$ then Gregg can't make his million plus a year.”

Huh? Do you not understand commerce at all? It is desirable that any organization make sales! If exceptional work is done by exceptional people do they not deserve exceptional compensation in your world? I’m sure Mr. Steinhafel works hard for his many bosses (the Target stakeholders) even though I have never met him. In this case, a single guest has effectively clogged up the system by using an obsolete payment option held over from the last century.

As a Target guest, or a customer in any retail establishment, the last thing I want to be is right behind someone writing a check! It’s twenty-ten, people! Really!?!

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