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I found at one end of The Orchard Shopping center Target, Method soap refills for $4.18 which "was $5.99" per their sticker. I was estatic it was a whole dollar off! I put 8 of them in my cart. Then when I was almost done shopping at the other end of the store I found the exact same product not on a "sale" end cap, for its original "was" price for $4.69. I told the cashier and she said yah that isn't fair but made no attempts to clarify or offer it cheaper.

She helped stack my cart and as I am driving it to car, one of the soap refill bags (with other goods) rolls out the front of the bottom of the cart and I run over it, making a huge mess!

So not only did I not get a deal, I paid even more than the original price for each, since I lost one all over the parking lot. AND all my goods and hands were full of soap in my car and for the drive home. I am very pissed.

Juli V. of Colorado

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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It was obviously misplaced. Learn to read.

Thanks Simon. You saved me a lot of typing :)

So it's Target's fault you ran over a bag? I suppose it's their fault you are terrible at math as well.

5.99-4.18=1.81 That's more than a dollar.

If the original price on the shelf said 4.69, then you still saved money because 4.18 is less than 4.69.

Don't worry, watch a couple episodes of Seasame Street and you should be able to do this hole "subtraction" voodoo yourself.

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