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I have not shopped at Target for some years.Because I was given two gift cards I went to the above named store.

I will not go back. First .... I am not picky ..... I'm an RN who cares for Dementia patients so I have a wide range of acceptable behavior.

This shopping experience started with three employees ignoring me at the Starbucks counter while they talked about various issues at home. As I walked away the person behind the counter finally stopped and said.... "Oh, do you need something?" Trying to find the kitchen department for a loaf pan. I asked an employee, she was on her personal phone, she looked up and said,"ask him!" She pointed to a male employee down the aisle.

Even he was shocked at her curtness. While there I saw many employees standing around and having personal conversations. Even the check out line was held up because employees were talking amoungest themselves.

Somebody needs to get a customer service trainer in this store.Its awful and I wont go back.

Review about: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service, Very poor customer service.

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Target is trying to figure out why it's sales are slipping.It's because they got away from serving CUSTOMERS and started calling shoppers guests.

Go back to thinking of the people that shop in your stores as CUSTOMERS, someone who has come to your store to BUY something. At my local Target it's rare to find more than 3-4 of their 20 plus registers open. Sure you have a supervisor walking around with their radio, groups of their "TEAM MEMBERS" standing around the check out area talking to each other or even stocking the shelves at the end of the registers. It would really be great for once to see some of these people actually open some more registers and TAKE MY MONEY rather than having me stand in line while the cashiers talk to the people they are checking out about the products they are buying or their family and what they are doing.

I have more than once left a cart of groceries for them to put away.Yes I spent some time picking those things out but due to their lack of concern for their CUSTOMERS I would rather leave and go elsewhere rather than putting a penny of profit in their till.


Oh and this website does not work.I used to have an account here five or so years ago and everytime I try to sign in it says wrong password.

To make a long point short It turned out these employees at Star Bucks was on break. I don't care that is not my issue, I work ten hours a day and need help and they refused to help me.

You are losing on a big time customer.I make 90k a year so I don't need money, but getting a gift card for $250 may make up for the bad experience I had.

to complain265 Houston, Texas, United States #1280515

Why the need to mention your salary in your reply in the first place?

Why do you need a gift card of $250?

Why not just tell Target that you are not happy with their poor service and leave it at that?

to complain265 Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #1280717

If they were on break, then they were under no obligation to help ypu, because that is considered working off the clock and they could get fired for that, do u want to be the reason why they have no job miss thing? No I didn't think so, so get over your self entitlement and go *** yourself.

to Anonymous Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1281457

If they are on break they should be in a break area or out of uniform, not standing around the counter shooting the breeze.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1281542


to Anonymous #1281770

To Huston asking why. Because when they stand around the counters in uniform shooting the breeze they give the impression that the employees ignore their "guests" and don't give a ***.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1282211

Do you even know how to read?, the OP herself said that they were on break and thought because she makes more than them she is better than the and they should help her anyway.

to Anonymous #1441348

If they 're on break they should be in the break room, not where customers assume they're on duty. Management is faulty here.

to complain265 #1285597

Well, aren't you a pretentious ***. On break, it's their time to do as they please.

to Zoe1989 #1441350

Zoe1989; Nope.It is not their time to *** around instead of using an area for breaks.

They could or leave the store to eat, run errands, whatever. My employer does not let me leave the high school I work at.

It's just my job.This is a management issue.

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