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I bought a 6 pack of beer at Target tonight. I was there with my 2 teenagers.

My daughter, who is 13, was unloading the cart for me while I went up to the debit machine. The cashier threw a fit because my daughter picked the 6 pack out of the cart and put it on the counter. The cashier told her not to touch it! I looked at the cashier and said she is just getting it out of the cart for me.

She then had the nerve to ask if I was buying it for my daughter. Um, no....Im buying it for me! She then said the cameras are on and kids can't touch beer.

What?! My kid can't take the beer out of the cart for me, really!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Talk with cashiers about how to handle alcohol sales better. I dont mind my kid taking the beer out of the cart for me. I was present during the sale, I am 35 years old and had proper ID. I was purchasing the item myself. .

I didn't like: Cashiers being rude about my kids taking beer out of the cart.

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I had a cashier ask for my sons ID while I was buying beer and she was refusing to sell it to me , because he was 19 at the time , I then said if I had my 2 year old with me would you sell it to me , she said yes , I said don't you see the problem here.

I then asked for a manager , I explained to him I was buying it for myself ,I said you are welcome to come and watch me drink it as well, but I think they are taking this way to far. I was a stock boy when I was 16 and we were allowed to stock beer in the market , we were not allowed to sell it.


I've done some more googling! Sure wish I could post links.

Anyways you can google yourself and find this information. This is regarding Walmart and a similar situation. "It’s something Walmart’s spokesperson denies. The spokesperson says if this did happen: “That would be wrong, and that would be incorrect.” “We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol.

It’s the adults. We have the policy, or course, to ID the adults,” the spokesperson said. It's 100% acceptable when with a parent a minor can touch the alcohol! They can put it on the belt!

They can bag it! They can even swipe the card!

No law saying other wise. Only ignorant cashiers who don't care to study the exact context of the law.


If you google "is it against the law for a minor to touch alcohol" you will also find lawyers suggesting that the law wouldn't waste their time with such a case.


These laws being thrown around below are not being portrayed in an accurate manner. There is no law saying a minor can't touch alcohol!

They can't scan it, can't buy it, or consume it! It also depends on the state your in. In Wisconsin minors are allowed to consume alcohol in a public setting as long as their parent approves it. Google it I can't link website on here sadly but this is what the law is for Wisconsin (Can an underage person possess and consume alcohol beverages on licensed premises?

Yes. Persons under age 21 may possess and consume alcohol beverages if they are with their parents, guardians or spouses of legal drinking age; but this is at the discretion of the licensee.) I've worked retail in Wisconsin and Michigan and both states allow minors to touch and stock the merchandise.

They simply cannot scan it. So if a cashier in Wisconsin or Michigan was to tell a minor they can't touch it they would be in the wrong!

to MrSharkNasty #1125447

Your welcome to google the state this guy is from as well concerning Underage laws regarding alcohol and you will find out how misinformed you all are.

to MrSharkNasty #1126055

This is good information..


Why taking it with a kid?If Target pays you for being a cashier why acting as a Law enforcement?Who are you to judge someone else kids ?

The cashier should have done her job.Do not sell the beer.Do call the police if needed,period.

Respect customers no matter the age.

Also keep in mind that thanks to the customers Target gets rich selling junk and cashiers have a job.

As a matter of fact,Im white.I have two big kids.My household is smoke/drink/drug free and im against the cashier's behavior.

to Anonymous #1129405

My household is smoke, drug and drink free as well. What are you trying to suggest that my house is not smoke, drug and drunk free?

Well I have news for you, my children were never drinking the beer. If you had read my reply you would know that my older son dared my younger daughter to open up a can and pretend to drink. Where did it say that the cashier sold me the beer. The beer was never sold to me.

I simply bought more stuff than I thought and needed to get extra money, I went to the ATM to get more money when my children loaded the cart. At this point my son dared my daughter to open up a can and PRETEND to drink from it. Maybe you should read my review and comments before judging me because of the color of my skin.

Just because I am black does not mean that my house hold is full of drugs, violence, drinking and drugs. If you had read my review and replies before judging me based on my skin color you would know this.

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1121108

This is why I wish they would keep alcohol out of grocery stores and only sell alcohol in LIQUOR stores only. That way, only those who are 21 years of age can go into the store and there's no ASSUMED "confusion" on who the alcohol is being purchased for.

As a cashier myself, if I saw a kid that even remotely looked like they were getting into the pack of beer right before the purchase I don't think I would have sold it to you either. Cashiers have to be EXTREMELY careful especially when you consider that the person selling it can be arrested and PROSECUTED because of the strict laws that are in place. Target is not the sort of company that's going to stick up for their low-wage worker if the law wants to get involved either and like she said, the cameras are rolling.

I don't want to upset and I'm sure you really were only buying it for yourself but now you know: Do NOT let your kids handle the alcohol in the store (no matter how innocent you think it might be).


Federal law prohibits the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Anyone handling alcohol looking to be under 40 must be carded.

Do not let your kid handle alcohol in a store. I would have done the same thing only I would not have allowed the sale to go through. I tell people all the time not to let their kids touch the alcohol or I can not sell it to them. One man even gave his teenager the credit card to pay after I told him not to.

Once she slid the card, the alcohol was voided and I refused the sale. Call the cops and let them explain it to you.

to LadyScot #1125451

No law stating they cannot touch alcohol especially when under the supervision of their parents. If there parent was not around you would have a case, but with a parent you have no case. Even if the kid slides the card, the name on that card is the parent and it's their money thus they are MAKING THE PURCHASE YOU TOOL.

to MrSharkNasty #1125463

Well said you two.


No. It is the ridiculous policy of a lot of stores to act like that.

I have had relatives in their 70's refused alcohol purchases at Publix and Walmart because they did not have their I.D. on them.

I am white, btw. It is just stupidity and dumb corporate policies and overzealous employees.

to Anonymous #1121272

It is not a ridiculous policy, it is the law, would you want someone to lose their job, the store shut down because they did not ask for ID, besides this is not about asking for ID, this is about her daughter wanting to be cool by pretending to drink. If your logic is this flawed when you are sober than the last thing you need is alcohol.

Obviously you also have reading issues, this is not an ID issue, or not allowing the sale, this is an employee catching her daughter opening up the box of beer to take out a can and pretend she is drinking to look cool. Read before posting, if your reading is this terrible when you are sober than I would hate to see how it is when you have one or two beers.

to Anonymous #1125440

There is no law stating minors can't touch alcohol. The law is that they cannot sell it, buy it or consume it. If they are with their parent it's totally legal for them to have it in their possession.


Also I am black and I wonder if that is why they thought the beer was for my daughter. That I was steriotyped for my skin color?

That they think black teenagers have a drinking problem and their parents as well and allow their kids to drink?

I am not saying that it is a race issue, just that it is entire possibly that this is why they thought the beer was for my daughter and were making excuses. I wonder if it is because I have black skin and if they were judging me?


Oh and one more thing I talked to my daughter about this, she said she was not going to drink it, my son who is 16 dared her to open up one of the beers from the pack and pretend to take a sip from it because it would look "cool" or kewl as he spells it.


Also I think part of the issue is my daughter tried to open the box that was carrying the beer, but if she did that I would never let her drink it, the excuse was she was trying to open the pack. Well I was only a few feet away and would not let her drink it if she had managed to open it before the cashier yelled at her.

to Carishaw #1121097

Had a police officer been near you in the store to witness this you would have been handcuffed for allowing your kid to handle and open a pack of beer. Not only that, once she touched it, if the cop had seen the cashier sell it to you anyway, the cashier would have been arrested.

It does happen, and I for one am not willing to go to jail for your stupidity. Unless being black makes you *** your color has nothing to do with it.

to LadyScot #1125443

That's not true at all. State of Wisconsin has this law.

(Can an underage person possess and consume alcohol beverages on licensed premises? Yes. Persons under age 21 may possess and consume alcohol beverages if they are with their parents, guardians or spouses of legal drinking age; but this is at the discretion of the licensee.) Google it, if you don't believe me. THE STATE OF OREGON WHERE THIS PERSON FROM HAS HIS LAW (regon law prohibits anyone, except a parent or legal guardian,

from providing alcohol to a minor or juvenile.

A minor is any

person under the age of 21 and a juvenile is any person under

the age of 18. Parents or guardians may legally provide alcohol to their

minor child or ward and only in a private residence when accompanying

their minor child.) GOOGLE IT!

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