Yesterday I purchased a cartful of assorted items including one bottle of off the shelf colds medication "equivalent to Nytol" To purchase it they wanted to scan my drivers license which I refused for security purposes.

I know there is no California requirement for this on over the counter drugs and I could not be mistaken for a minor at 72 years of age. The checkout clerk asked for a manager and a late teen/early 20s man showed up, mumbled "I can't bypass that" and continued on his way.

Costly *** policy = Wal-Mart now my primary store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Wow.... Ok so not only is it a LAW to ask for ID when making a purchase of cough medicine or nasal decongestants but Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, K Mart, and family owned stores do the same. Wanna know why?

Let me break this down to those of you who cant understand this simple effing concept.

Pseudoephedrine- the active ingredient in these medications is also used to manufacture meth. Dextromethorphan- another active ingredient (In Nyquil among others) is also used improperly.

Both of these along with others are regulated. According to the law, in the state of Wisconsin you must present an ID and have a log of what you purchased so that you do not purchase more than a certain amount in a specific time period. This is the reason why the cashier cannot bypass this.If we did then technically we didn't document what you bought when and how much and we would be committing a crime. So if you want to put the blame on someone do your homework and blame the government they are the one restricting the sale and imposing the documentation. I'm so sick of people whining about this. Like i want to have you yell at me for asking to scan your ID. We deal with it constantly and there is nothing that we can do about it so either suck it up or go somewhere else but they are going to ask you for your Drivers License and documentation of what you bought when and how much.

This is straight from the law restricting the sale of anything that contains Pseudoephedrine:

"*A retrievable record of all purchases identifying the name and address of each party to be kept for two years

*Required verification of proof of identity of all purchasers"

And as for Dextromethorphanthe the law states as followed:

"limit direct access to such products in a manner designed to prevent the misuse or abuse of such products; provides that persons eighteen or younger are prohibited from purchasing; requires establishments to maintain a written or electronic log of information pertaining to the sale of such products."

Look it up yourself if you don't believe me but next time you feel like lashing out at the cashier because they ask you for it just know you are a total jag. We have to log the purchase we have no choice your not special because we ask you for it.


And for all of you who think Wal*Mart swipes your ID, we don't. We look for your D.O.B only and punch those numbers in. We do not use the card reader for that.


Yes it is a law if you look under 40 for anyone to check the drivers license. However we at Wal*Mart have a way to choose that option.

If you look over 40 we don't ask for ID. So there are major differences between both stores. The Law states that "If you are or look to be under the age of 40 years old an ID will be required to puchase specific over the counter medications, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products." That is the correct law.

Not what you all have stated is the law. The policy to check all ID's no matter how old you are is on Target, not the law


be a better consumer is right... if the government really wanted to get people's private information for top secret stuff, they can do it themselves. they don't need to work their way through stores...


I bought some generic cough syrup at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago and they swiped my I.D. So, you can't go there either now.

Maybe you could see if there is an Indian healer somewhere that won't scan your I.D.

Or you could stop being so paranoid and just give the cashier your I.D. All that scanner does is verifies that it is a legit I.D. and it enters your D.O.B. into the computer, thus verifing age.

It isn't taking your information down and sending it to the government for top secret research. Get over yourself and stop being a difficult customer.


Like everyone else said, it is federal law, not target policy. Don't blame target, blame the people who abuse OTC drugs. If it wern't for them, there wouldn't be a law at all.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214214

You are right Will, though you did not need to be rude.


You are an ***. Its a federal law that requires this. Everyone know this, or at least I thought everyone did.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #214063

Not policy but Law, Wal-mart does the same. ALso the info stay with them.

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