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Why does Target insist on using cheep sticker labels on their products? Nothing bothers me more than getting home wanting to use a cute placemat for my kids or a childs cup or plate and you can't remove the like in one peice.

It comes off in prices and then is all sticky. I spend over $300 a month at Target and love their stores.

But I am done buying their Decor line for this reason. It does not have to be this difficult.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If this was purchased at the 99 cent store, I would agree with the other comments about regarding this as a ridiculous complaint. But this is Target, and their standards are pretty high for customer experience.

So the stickers should come off easily. I am pleased when a sticker peels off effortlessly with no residue--it's actually a satisfying moment. Frustrating when it comes off it pieces and leaves residue.

(FYI, veggie oil or olive oil usually removes the residue. So does acetone or fingernail polish remover if it doesn't harm the article.) But damnable is when it actually removes some of the printing or material on the product itself!


This is what's known as a first world problem. People don't have clean drinking water?

Kids are starving everywhere? Rival gangs are killing innocent people?

Who cares? I can't get my stickers off my placemats in one piece!


You do know that alcohol will get that clean off, right? Or citrus oil, or vinegar or even water!

Anything that may require just a little bit more than your fingernail. Holy ***.

to MattD78 #988127

Why do people feel that they need to be rude and immature when replying to a post? This placemate cost $1.99.

And I thought this was a site where consumers post comments about products etc....

Get a life. You must not have one if you are viewing sites like this just to make comments.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #993253

Telling someone to use their head is not being rude and immature.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #993256

Also you posted this same complaint on another website and claimed this made you want to beat your children. What kind of "parent" beats their children because they are too dumb to get a sticky label off. Grow up, you are the immature one.

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