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As a Target customer it's a complete disappointment to find out that Target is allowing their employees to get in a car accident in their property and refused to assist customers in any way shape or form. I have filed an incident report with their asset protection (Amardeep Singh) and the only information that I'm been given is that the store is not responsible but they won't lease their employee information .

After reviewing the stores camera and a copy of my dash camera proof that the employee was on there property and she was wearing her work uniform Leaving a screen of an accident as a hit and run. They continue to protect their employee's bad action . Where is the customer service they claim to teach their staff. They don't teach their staff that if anything happens with a customer they need to report it.

They're okay that their staff rear-ends a customer and Leave the accident scene with no problems. A week after the accident I Returned to the scene to place a follow up report with executive team leader guests experience (Edgar Farsakyan) because the person that rear-end my car is parked on their employee's parking space they inform me that they can't release any information and tell me that I can't drive or be in there property.

It's funny that they protect their employees for a hit and run but when you ask for their help they ignore it. Where is Target customer service they claim to Provide?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I spy a gimmie pig. I'm betting that you think it was a Target employee cuz of the clothes but who's to say it was?

It could have been someone wearing the same colour combination.

Get some wood, build a bridge and get over it, and stop trying to scam Target out of money. Just go through your insurance company like a normal person would.


Why are you not contacting the police with your evidence instead of Target? Are you wanting to get a huge cash payout from Target?

And yes, exactly what does the Target employee rear-ending your car have anything to do with poor customer service?

Exactly how is any employee rear-ending your car = to poor customer service?

Would you want your employer giving out your personal information to a customer? What happened to keeping personal information private? Why is it that customers feel that they must know an employee's personal information? And if you somehow managed to get the employee's personal information, exactly what would you do with that information?

An employee has to report an on the job incident to their manager. The employee was off the clock and not working.

to snugglegirl05 #1151118

The only people who will get the personal information of one of our employees where I work is the Police. Who you should have called in the first place if it was a hit and run.

So basically, you cause an accident, didn't call the police, and now want the personal information of the employee. I'd be the one calling the police on you.

Buffalo, New York, United States #1143262

What the heck does customer service have to do with being in an auto accident? "Allowing" their employee to get in an accident?

How on earth does the store have control over this? Get over yourself and deal like an adult.

Newport News, Virginia, United States #1125017

As the employee was not driving while on the clock target has no reason to be involved. And as for them not releasing the employee's personal information to you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, they don't know you and they have no reason to endanger their employee by giving personal information away to some random person.

to Anonymous #1125167

You may right they said that It was my fault the accident because I was going too fast and made the turn without looking, but she should not have left the scene. She is still in uniform and still represents Target.

to Anonymous #1143263

No, she does not. While off the clock, she is not an employee, she is a private person.

Were you willing to give her YOUR personal information?

The two of you should have exchanged insurance info, but you are not entitled to anything else. Stop trying to make the store responsible for your personal problem.

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