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Today my family and I went to a target in Algonquin il. We were minding our own business trying to do our shopping.

When this man and his wife approached my husband and started what I call harassing him. That man who I would call crazy came up to my husband and asked him who he was working for and why he was spying and following him. My husband went on to say that he was crazy that he was there with his family and walked away. That man and his family proceeded to follow him screaming security we need security my husband was only looking for coffee for his new father's day gift.

Well needless to say security and one of the store managers came over and the man started making a big deal my family and I walked by leaving when he started screamimg, when i said it was a shame that they had scared my kids both him and his wife both stood shut. That man changed his story quite a bit. He scared both our kids and there manager and security made my family feel as if we had done something wrong. My kids are so scared to the point that they don't want to go there anymore they feel afraid and embarrassed as if they have done something wrong.

This is how those employees made them feel. One of my kids questioned their actions and asked if we thought it was a racist act. Both my husband and I are educated people I teach and never had I had anything like this happen to us. Am I wrong for feeling like this.

I feel as if target only condoned their behavior so what now target allows people to threaten others especially kids and it's ok. That's what I feel happened when they stood there and did nothing about it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #1000752

Maybe if you were pretty your husband would not be checking out his wife, I have a feeling that that is what happened. Your husband obviously did wrong, stop turning this into a race issue, and stop teaching your children to cry racism at the drop of a hat.


It is sad that they made your kids feel ashamed. I have one concern though.... You teach with that grammar?

Chicago, Illinois, United States #997874

Target should be ashamed of what they let happen especially to your kids.

to Anonymous #1000754

The husband was in the wrong, and the lady is claim he was mistreated because of his race. If the husband had been white the same thing would have happened. The woman should be ashamed for teaching her children to play the race card when called in the wrong.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #997873

That is so messed up. I feel bad for what your kids had to go thhrough.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1000756

Sigh here we go again, the husband was obviously in the wrong, we are only hearing one side for the story. You should feel bad for the kids being taught that if they do not get their way that they should play the race card.

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