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Why has the customer service and shopping experience at Target diminished? Target used to be a good alternative to Walmart and I would shop there often.

In the last six months I have seen a shift from the "your our valued customer attitude" to "I don't really care if you shop here or not" attitude.

The bottom line is that I didn't like shopping at Walmart due to the terrible customer service (even though prices sometimes are better and the selection is more diverse). If Target continues to offer the same customer service I will not have any incentive to shop there.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I doubt you will be missed, and it is possible not the service but your attitude is what has changed.

to Anonymous #1096301

If the customer service is diminishing as a result of the rapidly revolving door at the employee exit I'm sure this customer won't be missed................ because the staff keeps turning over so don't remember him.

If the corporation truly valued the customer as well as their staff perhaps that would resolve the issues of high employee turn over and poor customer service. Its very difficult for a place full of new employees when the current staff is either also new hires or rude and intimidating management that makes an employee feel like their 2 feet tall when asking a question. Bottom line Mr.

sarcastic, is when the revolving door spins rapidly theres no one there long enough to miss someone.......... much like your personal life

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