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You are selling a product called syringe pens. In light of all of the heroin overdoses it is highly inappropriate.

Its one thing for a doctor to use it as a prop at their office but this should not be out there. The age on it says 4+

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If its the name you have problems with, what else would you called a pen that looks like a syringe? A street sign pen? No, It's a PEN that looks like a fake SYRINGE, hence syringe pen.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1222100

We all deal with loses, some more than others, and unfortunately it's all just part of life. That being said, if this really bothers you that much, may I suggest you call Target and voice your complaint so they are aware, and itt's in their records.

I personally wouldn't purchase these, and I would just keep walking on to another isle.

But I feel that way about alot of things I don't like to see. Good luck.

Chardon, Ohio, United States #1221836

Nah, you're overreacting. It's a themed, quirky novelty.

What's next on your trigger list? Bubble guns? Plastic swords?

This is petty.

Nice attempt, but you should probably look elsewhere for attention. Might I suggest tumblr?

Ball, Louisiana, United States #1198556

So you are concerned small children will use syringe pens and end up becoming heroin addicts?

This seriously concerns you? *** when I was growing up our family doctors routinely gave us real syringes to use as squirt guns.

A resulting use of heroin was never an issue.

Stop, please with the helicopter parenting..sheesh.

to Anonymous Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1238636

This is the funniest comment I have seen in a long time. lmao...thanks for posting.

San Bernardino, California, United States #1188903

Aren't there more important things to report on?


I recently lost my fiance to a heroin overdose and i'm not freaking out about this product. People die in fires but I don't people freaking out about lighters being on sale or fire wood. Please find something else to freak out about because as someone who lost someone they love to this epidemic your freak out is kind of offensive.

to Anonymous #1254759

Or knives, forks, color red, color yellow, anyone breathing...when will it stop?


Always some old biddy to gripe about something. Get a life.


Mindd ur biznes!!!!!! It don't effect u directly, so get a life!!!


Your stupidity is highly inappropriate. It offends me.


Get a life cry baby.


Hmm...guess you are not diabetic, I rather have a sryinge pen in my pocket than a fat needle when dining at a restaurant for example.


Seriously, I think you are overreacting. Many of us in the healthcare field receive these as gifts and think they are quite cute.

Syringes can be a wonderful things, used to administer medication to heal people. As far as age 4+, many children show an interest in healthcare at an early age, and becoming a doctor or nurse is a wonderful aspiration.

to Anonymous #1254769

Right! My first thought was sold in many stores are toy Doctors kits for children, syringe included. IF the syringe pens (or Doctors kit) were sold with herion, THERE would be the problem.


Maybe you're simply over-reacting to a toy representing a syringe, and that's your only concern, but you can actually buy real syringes almost everywhere.

Real needle syringes are openly for sale in most states without a prescription primarily because of HIV infection. Everyone, including I hope you, would rather heroin users use fresh syringes instead of making them impossible to obtain and people re-use them between users, trading blood-borne illnesses like HIV and Hep-C. Some clinics give them out for free for the same reason.

I bought a box of insulin-type syringes to use for my cat's meds and didn't need an Rx.


Get a grip, seriously. These cannot be used as actual syringes, you cannot put a needle in them.

Also, syringes are used all over the world for medicine and good things, WAY MORE than they are used for shooting heroin.

Just because someone was reminded of an awful event by the mere sight of these pens, does not mean they should have to stop selling them. Be real.


So because people get shot should stores stop selling water guns? Because people die of obesity should they stop selling food?

Because people die of allergies should they stop selling eggs and peanuts? You know someone who died of a heroin overdose, and that's sad, but it does not mean stores have to change their stock because someone might see it and get the wrong idea because someone might have died with something similar involved.


For your information a. I am not a liberal.

I know quite a few people and kids that have overdosed on heroin. I myself never touched. A friend of mine broke down when she saw it in target.

She lossed her daughter to heroin. I think alot of the stuff they are doing is bs.

to stretch1967 British Columbia, Canada #1054294

I am sorry for your loss, and I am sorry for my comment, but you should have specified you had an issue with the name itself rather then the pen. There is no way to get high on these pens.

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